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    Marty Raymond is a seasoned business strategy and leadership development consultant with a diverse career spanning 15 years in executive-level roles at a Fortune Top 10 company and over 3 years of international consulting experience across 10 different countries.

    With a strong track record of success, Raymond has excelled in leading global, national, and regional units within the realm of retail operations. His functional leadership responsibilities encompass marketing, sales management, franchise network planning, customer service, market research, and business process improvement.

    Raymond’s specialties include leadership coaching, strategic planning, organization effectiveness, culture change, negotiation, program management, and meeting facilitation.

    As the Founder and Principal Consultant at TriPoint Management Solutions since 2011, he has been consulting with corporations, senior management teams, and individual leaders, offering expertise in strategic planning, culture development/transformation, and leadership coaching. His focus extends to automotive-related companies and non-profit organizations, where he excels in facilitating executive committee and corporate-level board meetings.

    During his tenure as a Consultant at incadea Group from September 2014 to July 2017 in Munich, Germany, Raymond provided strategic planning and organizational effectiveness consulting to the Senior Executive Team and their management teams. He also led initiatives to create Company Vision, Mission, and Values, along with culture and values classes and training.

    Raymond’s career includes significant roles at General Motors, where he served as the Regional Director of Business Operations for the Southeast region from 2009 to 2011, overseeing network planning, franchising, and network investments. He also acted as a liaison between Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac brand leaders to drive market strategies and performance.

    Furthermore, as the Director of Global Retail Programs from 2004 to 2008, Raymond built a new unit responsible for designing and managing GM’s “Global Sales Workbench,” resulting in substantial cost reductions. His career at General Motors demonstrates his ability to drive innovation and efficiency on a global scale. Marty also worked as the Vice President and Regional Manager for Saturn Distribution Corporation. It was here that he held a field executive role for the East Region, helping to launch the Saturn Distribution into the retail network.

    Marty Raymond’s academic background includes an M.A. in Marketing and Sales from Central Michigan University and a B.S. in Business Administration and Accounting. He is also a certified facilitator through RightPath Resources.

    With a wealth of endorsements in leadership development, strategic planning, cross-functional team leadership, and more, Marty Raymond is a respected figure in the fields of business strategy and leadership development, known for his ability to drive positive change and results in organizations of all sizes. Marty has also served on the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board, listed below. 

    January 2021 to present – Board of Directors Member 

    October 2021 to present – Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Character: Marty Raymond is a highly experienced and principled business strategist known for his dedication to leadership development and culture transformation.

    Knowledge: With 15 years of executive-level experience at a Fortune Top 10 company and international consulting exposure across 10 countries, he possesses extensive expertise in retail operations, strategic planning, and organizational effectiveness.

    Strategic: Marty excels in crafting and executing strategic plans, driving culture change, and facilitating executive meetings, demonstrating a keen ability to shape the future direction of organizations.

    Communication: His strong interpersonal skills, honed through endorsements in leadership development and strategic planning, underscore his effectiveness in negotiating, leading cross-functional teams, and delivering results through clear and impactful communication.


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