Martin Feinberg: Skilled Senior Marketing and Operations Leader

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    Strategic Business Operations Executive
    Consumer Products: Fashion, Toys, Luggage, Leather Goods, Home Products

    Martin Feinberg stands as a seasoned strategic business operations executive, boasting a wealth of experience both domestically and internationally across various consumer product sectors. His career journey reflects a remarkable trajectory marked by a profound ability to drive top- and bottom-line performance in a range of business environments. With a comprehensive skill set that encompasses startups, turnarounds, marketing, sales, finance, and operations, Martin has repeatedly demonstrated his capacity to analyze challenges, pioneer solutions, and navigate complexities with exceptional acumen.

    At KidDesign in Rahway, NJ, Martin served as the Director of Sales Operations, where his leadership was instrumental in propelling a remarkable 320% sales growth and achieving a 25% net profit peak. Through collaborative reviews, meticulous reorganization of production planning, and astute cost-cutting measures, he ensured the company’s sustained success in a competitive market landscape.

    During his tenure at The Bridge Direct in Boca Raton, FL, Martin assumed the role of General Manager Marketing Operations, orchestrating a $3+ million increase in sales and driving significant cost savings through innovative market design initiatives and streamlined data-tracking processes. His strategic vision and hands-on approach were pivotal in shaping the company’s market presence and enhancing operational efficiency.

    At HIT Entertainment in New York, NY, Martin’s leadership as VP of Sales and Operations facilitated a remarkable 500% expansion of shelf space at Target and a staggering $60 million growth trajectory over three years. Through adept team building and innovative product conceptualization, he propelled the company to unprecedented levels of success, solidifying its position as a leader in children’s entertainment products.

    Martin’s contributions at Mattel in El Segundo, CA, were equally impactful, where he drove a 320% sales growth over six years and achieved a 25% net profit peak by optimizing production planning and fostering collaborative partnerships with marketing teams to introduce new product lines.

    As President of Bond Street Ltd. / Renwick in New York, NY, Martin implemented transformative strategies that resulted in positive cash flow and amplified market presence, underscoring his adeptness in driving organizational growth and operational excellence.

    Martin holds a BS in Management from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, and has undergone extensive leadership training with Dale Carnegie, further enriching his repertoire of skills and expertise.

    Character: Martin Feinberg embodies integrity, resilience, and visionary leadership, consistently driving growth and transformation with a proactive and adaptable mindset.

    Knowledge: With a comprehensive understanding of consumer products and diverse business environments, Martin leverages his deep expertise to navigate complexities and drive sustainable success.

    Strategic: Martin demonstrates strategic acumen by developing and executing innovative solutions, optimizing operations, and fostering collaborations to achieve organizational objectives.

    Communication: Martin’s exceptional communication skills enable him to articulate ideas clearly, foster productive relationships, and lead cross-functional teams effectively, enhancing collaboration and driving organizational success.


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