Marla Blume: Accomplished Leader in Business Transformation, Project & Change Management, and Human Resources

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    Marla Blume is an accomplished and dynamic professional with a distinguished career spanning multiple industries and functions. As a versatile Human Resources (HR) and Change and Process Improvement expert, Marla excels in coaching, mentoring, and delivering transformative initiatives. Her insatiable curiosity and drive enable her to untangle complex processes, crafting innovative solutions that optimize operations and exceed performance goals.

    With extensive experience across diverse sectors including healthcare, travel, telecommunications, and technology, Marla has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her journey in HR began with roles as an Employee and Labor Relations specialist, progressing through Generalist, Manager, Director, and ultimately culminating in her leadership as a strategic business partner with top-tier executives of a Fortune 500 company. Marla’s proficiency in HR extends across functions such as Employee Relations, Talent Management, and Benefits administration.

    Notably, Marla’s career took a transformative turn as she delved into process improvement, becoming a certified expert in Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Her commitment to modernizing archaic processes earned her a reputation as a trusted authority in facilitating Lean training and driving sustainable change. As the Senior Director of Shared Services Operations at a Fortune 500 company, Marla’s leadership was pivotal in building a Global Center of Excellence for Robotic Processing Automation, further amplifying her impact on operational efficiency.

    Marla’s ability to strategically partner with international Shared Services Organizations and guide large-scale transformation initiatives underscore her leadership prowess. She spearheaded the development of global roadmaps and orchestrated methodical transitions from Regional to Global Shared Service Centers, driving efficiencies across fleets, operations, and sales functions.

    With a rich legacy of achievements, Marla launched Blume-Troutman Consulting LLC. in 2020, embracing a personal role to provide exceptional services to the business community. Her skillset encompasses Consulting, Process Mapping, Presentation Skills, and Leadership Development, among others. Marla’s career is punctuated by numerous endorsements, reflecting her proficiency in areas such as Change Management, Leadership, Process Improvement, and Performance Management.

    Marla Blume’s professional journey exemplifies innovation, strategic acumen, and a relentless commitment to excellence. Her multifaceted expertise, strategic thinking, and unwavering dedication make her a distinguished professional in the realms of Operational, Human Resources, and Process Improvement consulting.

    Character: Marla Blume is a highly-accomplished and dynamic leader with a solid history of achievement in Business Transformation, Project & Change Management, and Human Resources, showcasing her dedication and expertise.

    Knowledge: With over two decades of experience, Marla has consistently leveraged Lean Six Sigma methodologies, high-level strategic analytics, and change management initiatives to drive successful process improvement and organizational redesign.

    Strategic: Marla’s strategic acumen is evident in her roles, such as leading global programs for shared services, developing a Global Center of Excellence for Robotic Processing Automation, and driving the transition to global shared service centers through methodical change management processes.

    Communication: Marla’s strong communication skills are highlighted by her ability to collaborate with senior executives, partner with international shared services organizations, and successfully facilitate large-scale organizational restructuring, demonstrating her capacity to convey complex ideas and drive alignment.


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