Mark Wallrapp: Trailblazing Executive in Advertising, Partnerships, and Strategic Leadership

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    Mark Wallrapp is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of extensive experience in advertising sales, marketing, partnerships, and strategic planning across diverse industries and platforms. His career spans significant leadership roles at prominent companies such as Reddit, Meta, and Yahoo, where he demonstrated a consistent track record of structuring lucrative deals, driving substantial revenues, and effectively leading teams.

    During his tenure at Reddit as the Principal of the Deal Desk, Mark oversaw global deal structuring, policy development, and process management for client-direct partnerships. His strategic leadership facilitated over $360 million in annualized revenue through 76 agreements in 2022 and 2023. He was instrumental in crafting the global ads partnership presentation for board review and played a pivotal role as a founding member of the disruptor segment, surpassing growth expectations by 75% year-over-year.

    Mark’s commitment to thought leadership and mentorship was evident through his emphasis on a customer-first approach and his dedication to positively impacting the businesses and communities he served. His tenure at Meta (formerly Facebook) as an Industry Manager showcased his prowess in managing a highly technical sales team focused on low-funnel performance marketers, achieving career revenue of over $600 million. He crafted comprehensive strategies, introduced monetization strategies, and developed strong relationships with top decision-makers, significantly contributing to the company’s success.

    Additionally, Mark’s expertise extends to his role as a Partner Management Lead at TikTok, where he brings his strategic negotiation skills, social media communications proficiency, and marketing strategy acumen to oversee SMB partnerships. Beyond his corporate roles, Mark has contributed as a Board Member at the Sustainable Fashion & Health Tech Foundation, dedicated to empowering women and younger generations through media, education, and investments.

    Mark’s academic achievements include studies at prestigious institutions such as Yale University and Stanford University, complemented by certifications in decision intelligence and generative AI. His dedication to continuous learning and professional growth is reflected in his active engagement with various credentials and volunteering efforts, including serving as a Board Member for NearSight, a vision wellness company.

    Throughout his career, Mark Wallrapp has consistently exhibited exceptional leadership, strategic acumen, and a commitment to leveraging his expertise to drive business success and positive societal impact.

    • Character: Mark Wallrapp is a seasoned executive renowned for his integrity, resilience, and passion for positively impacting businesses and communities.
    • Knowledge: With over 15 years of experience across advertising sales, marketing, partnerships, and strategic planning, Wallrapp possesses extensive and diversified expertise in various industries and platforms.
    • Strategic: Wallrapp has a proven track record of structuring deals, driving revenue, and exceeding growth expectations by implementing innovative strategies and fostering client relationships.
    • Communication: Wallrapp excels in thought leadership, mentorship, and prioritizes a customer-first approach, demonstrating exceptional communication skills in driving teams and advocating for impactful business outcomes.


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