Mark Roman: Visionary Leader and Catalyst for Global Success

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    Mark Roman is a distinguished and seasoned Board Member, Partner, and Business Process Expert known for his extensive entrepreneurial success, business ownership ventures, and specialized consulting work catering to a diverse range of businesses, from startups to Fortune 50 companies. His remarkable career is characterized by a strategic mindset, leveraging comprehensive intelligence and practical knowledge to drive meaningful impacts on the bottom line for various enterprises.

    Mark possesses a wealth of expertise spanning Private Equity, Venture Capital, and the management of ultra-wealthy family offices. His background encompasses strategic product development, marketing prowess, cost optimization, budget administration, talent acquisition and retention, key account development, and diverse marketing and sales strategies across multiple sectors, including Services, Product, BPO, SaaS, Analytics, and emerging technologies.

    Renowned for his commitment to a “Pay It Forward” philosophy, Mark embodies the highest level of integrity, fostering an environment of true teamwork and offering mentorship and counsel. He is impassioned about fostering win-win outcomes and maximizing individual potential, consistently demonstrating leadership through genuine service and a track record of success.

    Mark’s career portfolio showcases him as a results-driven market developer with a keen focus on high-impact client relations. He excels as a strategist, adept at integrating diverse business requirements, problem-solving, and architecting effective solutions. His leadership is characterized by an unwavering commitment to executing tasks with integrity and setting an example for others to follow.

    His global expertise extends to strategy formulation, business development, sales, and project execution, earning him credibility as an executive representative in the marketplace. Mark’s proficiencies encompass a wide array of specialties, including Board of Directors roles, healthcare, managed care, mergers and acquisitions, operations, innovation, solution development, consulting, strategy execution, and more.

    Presently, Mark holds significant roles at Endava and Korn Ferry, where his responsibilities include focusing on high-value resources and strategic placements within Venture Capital and Private Equity spheres, designing optimal organizational structures, and providing expert guidance on incentives and workforce motivation.

    As the Founding Partner of Denovo Advisors LLC and DeNovo Advisors LLC, Mark has overseen extensive IT and operational due diligence for Private Equity firms, Venture Capital firms, and ultra-wealthy Family Offices, managing large teams and ensuring sound investments in various sectors, particularly healthcare and manufacturing.

    His accomplishments extend beyond the corporate realm, as an acclaimed author of the #1 Best Selling Nonfiction book, “Conquering the Boundaries of Friendship – Making and Maintaining Meaningful Male Relationships.” Mark’s book explores personal and professional boundaries in relationships, drawing insights from over 200 interviews across 30 countries, prompting positive changes in readers’ lives.

    Mark Roman’s career trajectory is distinguished by his unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity-driven leadership, and a profound dedication to guiding others towards achieving their maximum potential across various industries and global landscapes.

    Character: Mark Roman embodies integrity, teamwork, and a ‘Pay It Forward’ ethos, consistently mentoring and guiding others with genuine service.

    Knowledge: With extensive expertise across Private Equity, Venture Capital, and global business development, Mark possesses a wealth of strategic and practical intelligence.

    Strategic: Mark excels as a visionary strategist, adept at integrating diverse business requirements and architecting effective, high-impact solutions.

    Communication: Mark’s exceptional communication skills foster strong client relations, enabling him to represent executive credibility and drive successful outcomes in the marketplace.


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