Mark Bishop: Driving Business Growth Through Strategic Sales Leadership

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    Mark Bishop is an accomplished professional with over a decade of experience in enhancing the productivity and performance of small to medium-sized businesses through interim sales management, coaching, process improvement, sales planning, and CRM expertise, effectively driving growth and revenue across various industries. Mark’s commitment to hands-on involvement sets him apart, as he works closely with sales teams to implement new strategies and foster open communication. His industry expertise spans manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and service companies. Mark’s strategic mindset and coaching skills have consistently delivered remarkable outcomes, reducing turnover and training costs while increasing productivity and profitability for the organizations he serves.

    Mark Bishop’s professional journey is marked by various key roles and achievements:

    • As the President of Marbish Enterprises, Inc., Mark has been driving sales strategy and solutions since 2008, delivering interim sales management, sales evaluations, coaching, and process improvement to help companies meet their sales and revenue goals. His focus on understanding unique business needs and implementing tailored solutions has left a lasting impact across industries, including manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and start-ups.
    • While at the Lego Toy company, in it’s early growth years, Mark designed and executed the 10-month long sales plan to obtain Lego’s first national listing with 800 Wal-Mart stores. That was 1983, and now Wal-Mart is a $500M+ customer for Lego.
    • In his time at BHM Laboratories, a Florida start-up company that manufactured priority oral care products to help cancer patients, Mark worked closely with the medical professionals at the top U.S. cancer hospitals to provide relief for their patients while undergoing treatments. A short list includes: Mayo Clinic, NIH, U.S. Navy Medical Center, Methodist Hospital(Houston), and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

    Mark Bishop’s vast experience extends further, showcasing his excellence in roles such as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BHM Laboratories, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for World Sports International, Inc., Vice President of Sales at Brookfield Athletic Company, Divisional Sales Manager at Stearns Manufacturing, Inc., Regional Sales Director at Rite-Hite Corporation, and National Accounts Manager at the LEGO Group.

    With his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Hamline University, where he was also involved in varsity basketball and leadership roles. Mark’s dedication and extensive skill set have consistently contributed to the growth and success of the companies he’s served.

    Character: Mark Bishop is a dedicated and results-oriented sales leader with a strong commitment to improving business productivity and performance for various companies.

    Knowledge: With extensive experience in sales management, coaching, and process improvement, Mark brings a wealth of expertise to help businesses increase their revenue and achieve their goals.

    Strategic: Mark’s strategic approach involves quickly assessing business needs, developing tailored solutions, and fostering open communication to implement new processes and achieve improved sales outcomes.

    Communication: Mark excels in working directly with owners and key personnel, using effective communication and accountability to drive sales growth while reducing turnover and training costs.


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