Margaret Ptacek, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC: Results-Driven Healthcare Executive Driving Business Transformation and Client Solutions

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    Margaret Ptacek, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, is a results-driven Chief Executive Officer with extensive experience in business transformation, client solutions, and process enhancement. Her background encompasses clinical research, healthcare information technology, and consultation services, where she has played a pivotal role in strategic direction and implementation of healthcare IT and clinical efficiency planning, driving growth and top-notch service delivery.

    As a mid-level board-certified professional, Margaret excels in directing clinical/internal operations, adhering to evidence-based guidelines, evaluating staff performance, and supervising general business development functions to reflect a standard of excellence. She specializes in training a skilled and diverse workforce to achieve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

    Margaret’s expertise spans P&L growth, EBITDA responsibility, contract negotiations, PMO development, and healthcare information technology. She is recognized for her achievements in achieving and surpassing P&L targets, including outstanding gross profit attainment and successful sale transactions, contributing to the growth and success of organizations.

    In her role as VP, Client Solutions at Experis Health Solutions, Margaret has been responsible for the P&L of $34 million and EBITDA of $57 million. She serves as a subject-matter expert for healthcare organization leadership, sharing clinical perspectives, IT leadership methodology, program governance, and industry insights. Margaret has led marketing initiatives, supervised sales training, and developed strategic partnerships, showcasing her ability to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment.

    Her career experience includes leadership roles at Leidos Health, where she served as Cerner Practice Director and Resource Manager, overseeing large teams, managing P&L objectives, and delivering sales cycle assistance. Margaret has also demonstrated clinical expertise as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Ottawa County Health Center, contributing to patient education, preventative care, and emergency department management.

    Margaret’s career achievements, including overseeing key client requirements, implementing healthcare service lines, and achieving outstanding financial targets, highlight her as a dynamic and accomplished executive in the healthcare industry. Her commitment to excellence, strategic planning, and leadership in healthcare IT positions her as a valuable asset in driving organizational success.

    Character: Margaret Ptacek, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, is characterized by her results-driven and hands-on approach, showcasing extensive experience in clinical research, healthcare information technology, and consultation services.

    Knowledge: Her knowledge is demonstrated through mid-level board certification, expertise in directing clinical operations, and a strong focus on evidence-based guidelines, contributing to her effectiveness in leading business transformation and growth.

    Strategic: Margaret displays strategic acumen by designing and implementing healthcare IT and clinical efficiency planning, achieving outstanding P&L targets, and successfully overseeing key client requirements in roles such as VP, Client Solutions at Experis Health Solutions.

    Communication: In communication, she excels in sharing clinical perspectives, IT leadership methodology, and industry insights, fostering cross-department collaboration, strengthening internal communications, and promoting a positive environment to support consistency throughout a company’s functions.


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