Manish Shrivastava: A Leader in ASIC Design and Operational Management

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    Manish Shrivastava is a seasoned ASIC Technical Leader renowned for his expertise in complex SOC, mixed-signal IP’s, and full custom IP’s spanning from Architecture to Production. With a rich background spanning various roles and industries, Manish has demonstrated exceptional leadership across multiple startups and established corporations.

    In his recent role as Senior Director at AvivaLinks, Manish spearheaded the RTL design team, managing multiple tapeouts and ensuring timely delivery despite challenges. His collaborative approach extended to working closely with analog design teams, addressing design and implementation issues to achieve successful silicon outcomes.

    Prior to this, Manish held pivotal roles such as Silicon Implementation Consultant at Degirum Corp, where he contributed to low-power image AI solutions, and Implementation Lead at SIMA.AI, overseeing the setup of synthesis and verification flows for a high-performance low-power edge SOC.

    With a career spanning over two decades, Manish has made significant contributions to various companies, including Marvell Semiconductor Inc., where he served as Senior Director SSD Engineering, managing SOC teams and driving architecture for next-generation SSD controllers. His leadership was instrumental in addressing execution issues and driving innovation in edge computing architecture, resulting in multiple patents and substantial revenue generation for the company.

    During his tenure as the Director of Read Channel Engineer at Marvell Semiconductor Inc. from July 2003 to January 2017, Manish Shrivastava played a pivotal role in driving the success of the company’s storage team, which contributed over 50% of the revenue. His leadership ensured that Marvell’s Read Channel IP team maintained its position as best-in-class, excelling in terms of speed, power, area, and DSP algorithms for signal recovery and correction. Manish actively participated in the design and implementation of various signal processing blocks in RTL and Full Custom flows for Read Channel IPs, catering to both internal and external SOC’s. He spearheaded the development of flows for Full Custom and ASIC implementation, focusing on enhancing design quality and accelerating time to production. Additionally, Manish was responsible for ensuring the technology readiness of Read Channel IP, collaborating with foundry teams to explore process options and working closely with EDA vendors to establish efficient design processes. His efforts also led to the streamlining of customer engagements for IP collateral, benefiting both internal SOC and customer SOC teams. Notably, Manish introduced a novel technique for implementing Latch-based Scan methodology using standard tools and flows, resulting in the filing of multiple patents for his innovative work.

    Manish’s expertise extends beyond technical realms to encompass financial and operational management, as evidenced by his role as CFO and Back Office Manager at Chabot Family Associates Inc. His responsibilities included setting up operations, managing vendor contracts, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, showcasing his versatile skill set. He also worked with customers and managed  teams at various offshore locations like India , China , Germany , Russia , Japan , Israel and was effectively able to navigate their culture and work styles.

    Throughout his career, Manish has been deeply involved in volunteer work, notably with Civil Air Patrol, where he serves as a Senior Member and Deputy Emergency Services Officer, showcasing his commitment to community service.

    Educated at esteemed institutions including the University of Tasmania and Government Engineering College, Jabalpur, India, Manish holds a Master of Technology and Bachelor of Engineering degrees.

    Manish’s contributions are further underscored by his numerous patents and publications, reflecting his innovative spirit and dedication to advancing technology in the field.

    With a robust skill set encompassing Verilog, System Verilog, and various EDA tools, coupled with his extensive experience and leadership acumen, Manish Shrivastava continues to be a driving force in the ASIC industry, shaping the landscape of technology through his expertise and vision.

    Character: Manish Shrivastava demonstrates integrity, resilience, and adaptability throughout his career, showcasing strong ethical values and dedication to excellence.

    Knowledge: With a deep understanding of ASIC design, mixed-signal IP development, and operational management, Manish possesses a breadth of expertise essential for navigating complex technical and business challenges.

    Strategic: Manish strategically aligns technical innovation with business objectives, driving successful tape outs, architecting next-generation SOC solutions, and fostering cross-functional collaboration to achieve organizational goals.

    Communication: Through effective communication and leadership, Manish cultivates cohesive teams, fosters productive partnerships with stakeholders, and articulates complex technical concepts with clarity and precision, facilitating seamless execution of projects.


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