Maggie Fleming: Accomplished Business Woman, Wellness Board Member, Professional Model with Expertise in Hospitality

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    Maggie Fleming is an original and persevering solver for the masses with an impressive breadth of
    business experience most recently in wellness and hospitality, followed by marketing, entertainment,
    human resources, and entrepreneurship. Known for her ability to traverse industries, Maggie has a
    proven track record of success in high-visibility initiatives across multiple businesses. Her diverse
    expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence has established her as a standout leader in
    business, continuously driving success and innovation in every endeavor she undertakes.

    Serving as a Board Member for M3 Life Sciences and Top Ten Talent Services since 2021, Maggie has
    provided strategic guidance to early-stage businesses in wellness and biotech sectors. In these roles, she
    collaborated closely with senior leaders and founders, contributing to their expansion and strategic
    development of their businesses. Her guidance has been instrumental in shaping the direction and
    success of these companies.

    In addition to her board responsibilities, Maggie has pursued a considerable career as an internationally
    recognized hospitality author, a professional model, and has amassed a one million audience
    viewership per month to her media channels! As a professional model, she has worked with brands
    such as Shiseido Skincare, Athleta Athleisure, Everyday Yoga, and Swimsuit Outlet to name a few. She
    has been the feature stories and covered magazines such as Max Health & Beauty Magazine and
    Showbiz Magazine as well. Modeling highlights her ability to excel in the very competitive entertainment

    Maggie’s tenure at Tesla during the company’s early years demonstrates her expertise in
    entrepreneurship and leadership versatility. She led multifaceted programs and events from the
    software-side to the manufacturing-side of the company. While part of Powertrain which comprised
    2000+ people, Maggie ran the department projects and reported directly to Elon Musk and other senior
    powertrain leaders in the original Tesla Factory. Projects worth highlighting that she led or co-led were:
    orchestrating high visibility and large-scale events (at times for 1000+ people) and programs for each
    department she was a part of while conducting the department’s day-to-day operations, the company
    department’s recruitment processes and hiring 60+ software roles in a very aggressive timeframe during
    a strenuous time of the company’s history, and streamlining onboarding processes for new employees
    to boost departmental performance.

    Before joining Tesla, she was a co-founder of the Texas A&M University Incubator/Accelerator that
    provided business resources such as legal guidance, etc. to student entrepreneurs and their teams for
    those accepted into the accelerator. She started and ran the full-cycle candidate process for the
    accelerator with the entrepreneurs from initial outreach to the on-boarding process, and beyond.

    Maggie’s educational background is equally impressive, earning an Academic Scholarship for a Master’s
    in Management & Leadership from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration –
    Finance from Texas A&M University. Her commitment to continuous development is also reflected in
    her certifications, which include Bioethics from Harvard University, Executive Training from Decker
    Communications, and SEER Environmental from Pepperdine University. These certifications highlight her
    dedication to expanding her knowledge and skills in various wellness and leadership capabilities.

    Recognized for her refreshing initiatives, orientation to helping people, and knack for operations,
    Maggie Fleming continues to make significant contributions across business sectors. The impact she has
    made with her strategic initiatives and ability to enhance the organization as a whole is unmatched.

    Character: Maggie Fleming is a creative and humble professional known for her dedication to quality in
    everything she’s involved in.

    Knowledge: Maggie possesses deep and broad expertise in wellness, hospitality, entrepreneurship,
    lifestyle, marketing, recruiting, events, and entertainment supported by considerable business
    outcomes, prestigious degrees, and certifications.

    Strategic: She has successfully guided early-stage businesses and implemented impactful initiatives that
    have significantly enhanced organizational growth and performance.

    Communication: Maggie excels in fostering collaboration, constructing high-visibility initiatives, and
    effectively informing diverse audiences with complex information.

    For business or board inquiries, send a message to her on linkedin at


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