Loren Monty: A Visionary Leader Driving Business Growth and Margin Improvement

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    Loren Monty is a seasoned senior executive renowned for his exceptional leadership in driving business growth and improving margins within the utility, engineering, and construction sectors. With a distinguished career spanning several multinational companies, Loren has consistently demonstrated his strategic acumen and bottom-line focus.

    Throughout his tenure, Loren has amassed extensive expertise in construction and engineering, particularly in power and industrial markets. His track record speaks volumes about his ability to propel business growth across various positions he has held. His proficiencies include P&L management, business development, organizational leadership, client relations, contract management, and recruitment.

    Loren is recognized for his adeptness in launching effective strategies, programs, and processes aimed at enhancing productivity, expanding scopes of work, securing new contracts, and optimizing overall performance. He has proven himself as an exemplary leader capable of steering teams and spearheading enterprise-wide initiatives with finesse.

    His diverse portfolio encompasses domestic and international projects ranging from EPC combined and simple cycle GT projects to nuclear and fossil capital projects, diesel plants, and heavy industrial facilities. Noteworthy is his tenure as President of Williams Industrial Services Group, LLC, where he held strategic, operating, and P&L responsibilities. Loren played a pivotal role in exceeding margin targets by 46% in 2014 and revenue targets by 120% in 2015. Under his leadership, the company witnessed significant growth, with targeted customer revenues soaring from $0 to over $300 million within five years.

    Loren’s earlier roles include Vice President Major Projects, where he established a highly successful project management organization (PMO) that consistently surpassed financial, schedule, safety, and productivity goals. His contributions earned him the prestigious 2012 Global Power Operational Excellence Award.

    Prior to his tenure at Williams Industrial Services Group, LLC, Loren served as Project Management Director at Mirant Corporation, where he directed concurrent greenfield and brownfield power projects, consistently delivering on time and under budget. Loren holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont.

    With an extensive array of endorsements in skills such as project management, energy, risk management, and contract negotiation, Loren Monty stands as a paragon of excellence in the executive realm, combining technical prowess with astute business acumen to drive transformative outcomes in the industries he serves.

    • Character: Loren Monty is an accomplished senior executive with a proven track record of driving business growth and margin improvement in the utility, engineering, and construction sectors.
    • Knowledge: Loren possesses extensive expertise in construction and engineering for power and industrial markets, including P&L management, business development, organizational leadership, client relations, and contract management.
    • Strategic: Loren demonstrates strategic acumen by launching effective strategies, programs, and processes to accelerate productivity, expand scopes of work, obtain new contracts, and boost performance within multinational companies.
    • Communication: Loren effectively communicates with stakeholders, clients, and teams, fostering alignment, driving engagement, and ensuring successful project outcomes across diverse domestic and international projects.


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