Lesia Lacey: A Visionary Executive Driving Global Business Growth and Transformation

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    Lesia Lacey is a dynamic and accomplished financial and operations executive with over two decades of experience in steering global business operations across 20 locations and managing 1,000+ employees, achieving annual revenues of $50M in five states. She possesses an exceptional track record in driving revenue growth through strategic sales initiatives, transformative leadership, and successful change management strategies, notably increasing sales by 100% two years consecutively.

    Her expertise lies in transforming underperforming locations into highly profitable stores through staff training, goal-setting, and innovative marketing strategies. Lesia has managed global business operations, fostering partnerships, and conducting market research, resulting in over $6M in annual sales. Her entrepreneurial skills are evident in establishing successful designer clothing stores, recognized with the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

    Currently serving as the Global Chief Operating Officer at Synergy Milling Contractors, Lesia manages 24 international reports across Minnesota and Florida markets, devising extensive territory business plans and overseeing sales directives, account-building initiatives, and market trend analyses. Her strategic negotiation skills have generated annual sales of over $6 million, coupled with comprehensive oversight of financial affairs and precise cash flow management.

    With a wealth of experience in various leadership roles, including positions at Mosaic North America as a Regional Sales Trainer, Elizabeth Arden as a Regional Vice President, and The Garment District as a Stakeholder & Chief Executive Officer, Lesia has consistently excelled in driving business growth, handling executive reports, staff, storefronts, and achieving substantial revenue milestones.

    Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, supplemented by Organizational Management studies at Concordia University-St. Paul, where she held positions of leadership within campus councils and the Student Senate.

    Lesia’s skill set spans across budgeting, business development, human resources, contract negotiation, KPI reports, and OSHA compliance. Notable accomplishments include receiving awards such as the Elizabeth Arden Salons and Spa Region of the Year and the Eden Prairie Entrepreneur of the Year.

    Her expertise in areas like strategic planning, merchandising, sales management, and customer satisfaction, coupled with hands-on experience in various industries, demonstrates Lesia Lacey’s proficiency in driving business success through strategic leadership, transformative strategies, and a strong commitment to achieving and surpassing organizational goals.

    Character: Lesia Lacey demonstrates unwavering dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and a transformative approach, driving success through hands-on leadership and commitment to growth.

    Knowledge: With over 20 years of extensive experience across global business operations, Lesia possesses profound insights and expertise in strategic sales, change management, and operational excellence.

    Strategic: Lesia showcases strategic acumen in transforming underperforming locations into highly profitable stores, fostering global business operations, and negotiating partnerships, consistently driving substantial revenue growth.

    Communication: Known for her adeptness in negotiation, market trend analysis, and hands-on leadership, Lesia effectively communicates vision, strategy, and directives, fostering cohesive and goal-oriented teams in diverse operational environments.


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