Lauri Kearnes, Strategic Finance Executive Orchestrating Financial Success through Expertise and Leadership

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    Lauri Kearnes is a highly accomplished finance executive with a wealth of experience, formerly serving as Chief Financial Officer from 2019 – 2023 at Harte Hanks in Chelmsford, MA and various other roles since 2003. In her leadership role, she oversaw finance, accounting, and human resources, successfully steering the company through a restructuring plan and negotiating a new asset-based lending line of credit. Lauri’s strategic acumen is evident in her management of due diligence for a $7.5 million acquisition and implementation of a share repurchase program.

    In her previous roles within Harte Hanks, Lauri demonstrated her expertise in various capacities. As Group VP Finance, Shared Services, she managed accounting service centers across the US, UK, and the Philippines, consolidating operations to achieve significant annual payroll savings. Her role as VP Finance involved providing financial guidance to business units, budgeting, and forecasting, while as Group Controller, she handled financial reporting for a $50M software business and implemented revenue recognition strategies.

    Prior to Harte Hanks, Lauri held positions at Brooks Automation and Nutraceutical Corporation. As a Business Analyst/Project Manager at Brooks Automation, she successfully managed the implementation of Oracle 11i Professional Services and developed new business processes. At Nutraceutical Corporation, she served as Accounting Manager, overseeing departments with an annual revenue of $100M, as previously Senior General Ledger Accountant, handling bank reconciliations and tax filings.

    Lauri holds an impressive academic background, with a Master’s degree in Accounting with an emphasis in taxation from Utah State University, where she also obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Lauri’s multifaceted experience, strategic leadership, and financial expertise position her as a distinguished professional in the finance industry.

    Character: Lauri Kearnes exemplifies a principled and adaptable finance executive with a track record of integrity and resilience, evident in her leadership roles.

    Knowledge: With a Master’s degree in Accounting, Lauri showcases extensive financial expertise, from overseeing complex acquisitions and restructuring plans to implementing efficient business processes.

    Strategic: As Chief Financial Officer at Harte Hanks, Lauri demonstrated strategic prowess through successful negotiations, restructuring initiatives, and the implementation of cost-saving measures, showcasing her ability to navigate complex financial landscapes.

    Communication: Lauri’s effective communication skills are evident in her roles, where she directly engages with shareholders, potential investors, and board members, conveying financial complexities with clarity and precision.


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