Laura Smith Biswas: Navigating Excellence in Healthcare Communications and Finance

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    Laura Smith Biswas is a highly accomplished professional with a rich and diverse background spanning finance, healthcare communications, and market research. Over the course of her career, Laura has held pivotal roles that have showcased her exceptional leadership skills, strategic acumen, and commitment to excellence.

    As the Co-Founder & Managing Principal of Cadence Communications & Research, Laura has played a crucial role in steering the company’s growth and success for over a decade. Her leadership extends across three divisions and a subsidiary, Velocity Scientific Communications, where she has provided strong oversight and operational guidance to a global clientele. Through her strategic vision and hands-on approach, Laura has maintained profitability and cash flow amidst various challenges, earning Cadence multiple recognitions on the prestigious INC 500/5000 list.

    At Cadence, Laura’s responsibilities have been vast and multifaceted. In addition to leading the company’s operational functions, she has served as a de facto CFO, overseeing treasury, financial control, planning, and analysis. Her comprehensive understanding of financial management has been instrumental in ensuring the company’s financial health and stability. Moreover, Laura has been deeply involved in human resources, driving initiatives to foster a positive company culture, promote diversity and inclusion, and empower employees to thrive.

    Laura’s expertise extends beyond the realm of finance into compliance, information technology, and privacy and security measures. She has successfully guided Cadence through complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring alignment with industry standards and client requirements. Her proactive approach to compliance, including the implementation of data privacy certification, has reinforced Cadence’s reputation as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry.

    Notably, Laura’s leadership has been pivotal during times of crisis, including the recent global pandemic and economic downturns. Her adeptness at navigating challenges and fostering resilience within the organization has been instrumental in sustaining Cadence’s operations and client relationships.

    Prior to her tenure at Cadence, Laura served as an Independent Consultant, providing financial coaching and consulting to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Her experience at Amgen, Inc., the world’s largest independent biotechnology company, further honed her skills in investor relations, financial management, and strategic planning.

    Laura holds an M.B.A. from Yale University with an emphasis on strategy, complemented by additional coursework at the Yale School of Epidemiology and Public Health. She also holds a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Community Health Education from Utah State University.

    Beyond her professional pursuits, Laura is deeply engaged in various interests and passions. She finds joy in practicing yoga, cycling, and hiking, which not only contribute to her personal well-being but also inform her advocacy for conscious capitalism and entrepreneurship. As a thought leader and speaker in these areas, Laura seeks to inspire others to embrace holistic approaches to business and societal impact.

    Character: Laura Smith Biswas exemplifies integrity, resilience, and adaptability, fostering a culture of trust and excellence in her professional endeavors.

    Knowledge: With a diverse background in finance, healthcare communications, and market research, Laura possesses a wealth of expertise in strategic planning and operational excellence.

    Strategic: Laura’s strategic acumen is instrumental in navigating complex challenges, driving organizational growth, and ensuring alignment with global pharmaceutical industry requirements.

    Communication: Laura excels in effective communication, fostering collaboration, and maintaining transparency across diverse stakeholders to achieve shared goals and objectives.


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