KENTON HOWERTON Proven Financial Services Business Consultant & Large-Scale Project Manager

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    As an accomplished leader in the financial services industry, Kenton Howerton brings over two decades of experience driving successful projects and initiatives. With a strong background in merger integration, operations risk management, and enterprise risk management process design, Kenton has consistently delivered results for his clients and employers.

    During his tenure as a Senior Principal at Slalom, Kenton led and managed engagements for financial services industry clients, demonstrating his expertise in project management, executive reporting, and issue resolution. He played a pivotal role in influencing industry marketing campaigns, coordinating industry/client planning, and maintaining Salesforce opportunities and BI active engagement reporting.

    As the Founder & CEO of Kenjoshow Enterprises, Kenton provided business consulting services to financial institutions and professional services firms, specializing in commercial banking, alternative investments, wealth management, crowdsourcing, and fintech. His broad experience in managing and executing projects across financial operations and technology functions has earned him a reputation for delivering high-quality results.

    Prior to founding Kenjoshow Enterprises, Kenton served as a Managing Director at KPMG LLP Advisory Services, where he led integration planning and execution for multiple FDIC-assisted and market acquisition transactions. He also evaluated and implemented Enterprise Risk Management programs for firms in Financial Services, Utilities, and Technology, demonstrating his versatility and expertise across various industries.

    Kenton’s career highlights include managing initial Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) implementation for a Fortune 5 company and co-managing the first-ever coast-to-coast same-day deposit acceptance capability for Bank of America customers.

    Kenton holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Georgetown University, where he graduated Cum Laude with double majors in Finance and Management. Beyond his professional pursuits, Kenton enjoys competing in amateur golf tournaments, exploring commercial voice-over opportunities, traveling, and maintaining an active fitness regimen.

    With a proven track record of success, Kenton Howerton continues to be a respected leader in the financial services industry, driving innovation, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

    Character: Kenton Howerton is known for his integrity, loyalty, and persistence in all aspects of his professional endeavors.

    Knowledge: With over 25 years of international and domestic experience in the financial services industry, Kenton possesses a wealth of expertise in merger integration, operations risk management, and enterprise risk management process design.

    Strategic: Kenton demonstrates strategic acumen by consistently exceeding sales targets, negotiating complex agreements, and restructuring teams for agility in various financial services projects.

    Communication: Kenton excels in communication at both board and operations levels, effectively influencing industry marketing campaigns, coordinating industry/client planning, and maintaining active engagement reporting.


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