John Thievon; Strategic and Visionary Driver Behind Rapid Turnarounds, Start Up Success, and Revolutionary Product Launches, Leading to Impressive Revenue Growth and Lasting Stakeholder Value

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    John Thievon is a senior executive, advisor, and board member with decades of experience as CEO of both private and public companies. His proven track record of precisely identifying corporate strategies and optimizing growth potential has produced success in multiple companies including, engineering successful restructures/turnarounds.

    His expertise ranges from product launches, startups, business development and strategic planning to turnaround management, raising capital, and mergers & acquisitions.

    Most recently (July 2023- January 2024) John was hired as an Advisor to the Founder and CEO of Scitovation, a startup company that provides toxicology and other services to the chemical and healthcare industries. John was brought in to assess the state of the business, recommend any changes necessary to prepare the company for either a capital raise or sale of the business. John restructured the company to preserve cash and increased profitability within 45 days. He also was successful in consolidating and restructuring the debt of the company. John remains as an Advisor to the CEO and is involved in ongoing discussions with financial institutions as well as any M&A activity.

    From 2020 to 2023, he served as General Manager, Verdad Real Estate & Construction Services. He orchestrated a notable turnaround by revitalizing a declining construction services business and his strategic initiatives propelled an impressive 33% increase in annual revenue within a year, steering the company toward profitability. Notably, his talent management expertise facilitated a 50% reduction in headcount while upgrading the management team, augmenting strategic in-house personnel, and minimizing search and consulting fees.

    Previously, as the President and CEO at NCHS Specialty Pharmacy from 2015 to 2019, John expertly navigated critical compliance issues while streamlining operations and focusing on high-profit offerings. His leadership drove a substantial 270% expected rise in net income, demonstrating his rebranding strategy expertise and his ability to leverage his business acumen for sustained growth.

    John also served as President for Mylan Specialty LP, Mylan’s branded pharmaceutical division that housed the EpiPen franchise. Under John’s leadership, EpiPen experienced 50% year-over year growth fueled by promotional leadership, integrated multi-channel marketing and PR campaigns, managed markets, government, and trade initiatives.

    As President and CEO of MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals from 2008 to 2010, he orchestrated an award-winning launch for Moxatag, the first FDA-approved once-daily amoxicillin. Under his guidance, the company commercialized Moxatag within 12 months, achieving a 67% single-year gain with extensive nationwide distribution.

    John served as EVP Chief Commercial Officer for Adams Respiratory Therapeutics from 1999 to 2008. His role in launching Mucinex through an innovative marketing and distribution strategy led to the successful sale of the company to Reckitt Benckiser for $2.3 billion in 2008.

    John Thievon’s unparalleled leadership, strategic acumen, and commitment to excellence have consistently driven exceptional business growth. He possesses a remarkable ability to nurture a robust network of talent, fostering high-performance teams, all with his authentic leadership style.

    • Character: John Thievon embodies a results-driven, authentic leadership style demonstrated through his track record in life sciences and real estate/construction, focusing on strategic growth and stakeholder value creation.
    • Knowledge: His expertise spans diverse areas, from successful product launches, growth strategies, and capital raises to M&A strategy, business model evaluation, risk management, and trade/government relations, reflecting a deep understanding across multiple disciplines.
    • Strategic: Thievon is a visionary leader known for driving rapid turnarounds, initiating successful product launches, and implementing growth strategies while excelling in post-acquisition integration, emphasizing strategic thinking and execution.
    • Communication: Leveraging robust talent networks and fostering high-performance teams, Thievon demonstrates exceptional communication skills, effectively resolving critical issues and creating value across stakeholders through clear, inspiring, and strategic communication methodologies.


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