John Ortolano: A Visionary Leader in Law Enforcement and Public Safety

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    John J. Ortolano is a seasoned Chief of Police with over 23 years of successful leadership in state and local public safety and law enforcement programs. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to strategic leadership, data analysis, and the development of high-impact public safety initiatives. His areas of expertise include law enforcement command-level leadership, gang suppression, training and development, criminal investigations, and program development and administration. John is known for his dedication to fostering collaboration among law enforcement agencies and his proficiency in critical incident management.

    In his role as Chief of Police for the Hobbs Police Department in Hobbs, NM, John oversaw a 160-person department serving a population of approximately 50,000 people. He managed an annual budget of over $23 million and spearheaded various community policing initiatives to enhance trust and engagement between the department and the community. John’s strategic leadership led to the restructuring of the agency, transforming it into a center of excellence with improved employee retention and community relations.

    Prior to his tenure in Hobbs, John served as a Captain in the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), where he held various leadership positions over the course of 21 years. he was a Captain in the Criminal Investigations Division serving as the District Commander of the State Gang Task Force in the Phoenix area overseeing multi-agency task forces focused on deterring criminal gang activity and conducting in-depth criminal investigations. John’s extensive experience also includes serving as a district commander, executive officer at the Phoenix Regional Police Academy, and involvement in policy development and strategic planning.

    John Ortorlano is a distinguished figure known for his expertise in law enforcement technology and safety measures. Serving as the National Fraternal Order of Police’s Safety and Technology Committee Chairman, he demonstrates a profound commitment to enhancing safety standards within the law enforcement community. With a specialization in Ballistic Resistant Body Armor, John’s extensive knowledge and experience make him a respected authority in the field. His notable achievements include being appointed to the NIJ committee, a prestigious role that underscores his expertise and dedication. Additionally, his selection to serve on the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice further highlights his influential contributions to the advancement of technology in law enforcement practices.

    Outside of his law enforcement career, John has served as a law enforcement consultant, providing expert testimony and advice to companies and law firms on law enforcement issues and best practices. He is a Desert Storm combat veteran with over nine years of military service in the US Navy and the US Army National Guard. John holds a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice with honors from American Military University and Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees in Science, Math, and Technology from Empire State College. He is licensed as a First Class Stationary Engineer in Power Plant Operations by the City of Tonawanda, NY, and holds numerous other professional certifications.

    With his wealth of experience, dedication to public safety, and strong leadership skills, John Ortolano continues to make significant contributions to the law enforcement community and the safety and well-being of the public.

    Character: John Ortolano demonstrates integrity, professionalism, and dedication to public safety throughout his 23+ years of leadership in law enforcement, earning trust and respect from colleagues and the community.

    Knowledge: With a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, extensive military service, and specialized training in law enforcement, John possesses comprehensive expertise in all aspects of public safety and law enforcement operations.

    Strategic: John excels in strategic leadership, evidenced by his successful restructuring of law enforcement agencies, implementation of innovative programs, and fostering collaboration among agencies to address complex public safety challenges.

    Communication: John’s exceptional communication skills enable him to effectively convey complex information, build strong relationships with community stakeholders, and advocate for public safety initiatives at local, state, and national levels.


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