John L. Kirby: Transformative Senior Media Executive and Visionary Educator

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    John L. Kirby is an accomplished Senior Media Executive and Educator with over 20 years of extensive experience across various domains of radio, television, digital media management, and education. With a strong focus on curriculum development, student advising, and recruitment, Kirby has made significant contributions in transforming media organizations and educational institutions alike.

    Throughout his career, Kirby has excelled in turnaround assignments, demonstrating a remarkable ability to enhance operations, improve employee morale, and drive revenue growth. His expertise spans digital content strategy, SEO, online news, sports content, marketing, sales management, and strategic planning. Notably, Kirby has a proven track record in team building, leadership, non-profit management, recruitment, and fundraising.

    In his most recent positions, Kirby played a vital role as a Parenting Educator at Family Guidance and Outreach of Lubbock. He actively contributed to classes focused on SIDS prevention and the cultivation of strong parent-child relationships. Concurrently, he made significant contributions at South Plains College, where he provided valuable tutoring in subjects such as reading comprehension, marketing, writing, and resume development. Currently, Kirby has been recruited by Tegna Broadcasting for the position of Regional News Director at News9West. In this role, he is tasked with enhancing the daily news broadcasts portfolio, including the addition of more local and regional content to the website. His recruitment aims to assist in the development of a larger talent pool for Tegna stations nationwide, with a specific responsibility for creating content to support the sales staff in increasing revenue.

    During his tenure as a Senior Consultant at Roberts Media in West Texas, Kirby successfully executed a turnaround initiative, revitalizing the audio-video online news platform, launching podcasts, and enhancing the overall content quality. At Nexstar Media Group in West Colorado, he led as a Senior News Director, receiving numerous awards for elevating television news operations and significantly boosting digital presence.

    Kirby’s impact extends to his role as VP/GM/Professor at KTRL/KXTR-FM, Tarleton St. Univ., where he effectively turned around operations, increased revenues, and strengthened marketing strategies. His contributions as Senior VP/Managing Director of Marketing & Sales at Cherry Creek Radio in Dallas, Texas, led to remarkable sales growth and improved marketing programs.

    With a robust educational background encompassing a Master of Science in Mass Media/Business Administration from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in Government from the University of Notre Dame, Kirby’s expertise is complemented by his academic prowess. He has been an influential educator across multiple prestigious institutions, teaching courses in media management, sales, TV/radio production, media law, news writing, and more.

    Kirby’s community involvement includes serving on boards such as Christ the King Cathedral School Board and National SIDS/First Candle, highlighting his commitment to community welfare and charitable causes.

    With a wealth of experience, leadership acumen, and a passion for education and media innovation, John L. Kirby continues to be a driving force in the industry, consistently contributing to organizational growth and educational excellence.

    Character: John L. Kirby embodies resilience and adaptability, showcasing an unwavering commitment to transforming media organizations and educational institutions through his diverse skill set and leadership.

    Knowledge: With a comprehensive understanding of media management, sales, digital content strategy, and curriculum development, Kirby leverages his expertise to drive innovation and excellence in both academic and professional realms.

    Strategic: Kirby’s strategic prowess shines through his adeptness in turnaround assignments, implementing effective sales and marketing initiatives, and steering operational enhancements that result in remarkable revenue growth and improved employee morale.

    Communication: Exhibiting exceptional communication skills, Kirby bridges gaps between departments, fosters relationships, and streamlines processes, ultimately optimizing the delivery of content and services in media and educational settings.


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