Joe Townley: Trailblazing Media Visionary & Accomplished Executive Producer

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    Joe Townley is an accomplished and highly regarded Executive Producer and Chief Operating Officer within the media industry, boasting an extensive career spanning over two decades. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Maryland, Townley’s expertise encompasses various facets of media production, including Film, Studio Production, Marketing, and Broadcast and Cable Television.

    Presently serving as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Producer at MY-Entertainment since January 2007, Townley has showcased an exceptional knack for conceptualizing, developing, and producing diverse content across series, reality shows, digital platforms, live events, sports, alternative programming, and documentaries. His ability to navigate and excel in both corporate and independent environments underscores his adaptability and leadership prowess.

    Prior to his tenure at MY-Entertainment, Townley held the esteemed position of President at Clear Channel Entertainment Television (CCETV) from 2000 to 2007. During his seven-year tenure, he played a pivotal role in elevating the division’s stature by spearheading the development of original programming and media properties, significantly contributing to a revenue surge surpassing $25 million annually. Townley’s strategic shift towards content ownership and robust program development greatly impacted the division’s success.

    Townley’s career journey also includes a notable stint at Madison Square Garden Network (MSG) spanning nearly a decade, where he progressively climbed the ranks from Producer of Original Programming to Vice President of Programming and Executive Producer. His contributions to MSG Network solidified his reputation as an industry leader, showcasing his adeptness at driving business strategies, programming initiatives, and executive decision-making.

    His foundational years at WUSA-TV (Washington DC) and WIBS-TV as a Producer and Station Manager, respectively, added depth to his expertise in broadcast journalism and media management.

    Regarded as a difference-maker in the industry, Townley is known for his ability to leverage growth strategies that propel entertainment and intellectual property opportunities to new heights. Noteworthy accomplishments include substantial revenue generation, strategic partnerships, seamless brand integration, and an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation within the media landscape.

    Endorsed by industry peers and colleagues for his proficiency in various aspects of media production, including marketing, television, entertainment, producing, broadcasting, digital media, and more, Townley’s professional journey exemplifies a dedication to excellence, innovation, and strategic leadership within the dynamic realm of media and entertainment.

    Character: Joe Townley is an experienced and dedicated media professional known for his adaptability, leadership acumen, and a proven track record of success in the media industry.

    Knowledge: With a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Maryland, Townley possesses extensive expertise in various facets of media production, including film, studio production, marketing, and broadcast and cable television.

    Strategic: Townley is recognized for his strategic mindset, leveraging over two decades of progressive experience to drive growth strategies, create innovative content, and capitalize on entertainment and intellectual property opportunities.

    Communication: He excels in communication, showcasing strong interpersonal skills and an ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams, industry professionals, and stakeholders, ensuring seamless integration of brand objectives into original media content development.


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