Jim Kunk: Accomplished Financial Services Executive and Board Chairman

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    Jim Kunk is an experienced Board Member and Senior Executive with a distinguished career in the Financial Services Industry. With a track record of success in a multibillion-dollar financial services organization, Jim is known for his exceptional leadership capabilities and communication skills. He excels in creating and executing strategic changes, devising business solutions, implementing organizational improvements, and driving profitable growth.

    Throughout his career, Jim held significant leadership roles that demonstrate his expertise and impact in the financial sector. His professional journey includes:

    Non-Exec Chairman of the Board State Auto Mutual Insurance Co. Aug 2006 – Mar 2022

    Jim served as the Chairman of the Board at State Auto Mutual Insurance Co., where he contributed to the company’s strategic direction. He was a key figure on various committees, including Audit, Compensation, Investment, and Independent, showcasing his comprehensive industry knowledge and leadership abilities.

    Regional President Huntington National Bank Aug 1981 – Jul 2017

    Jim’s illustrious career at Huntington National Bank spanned an impressive 36 years, where he ultimately retired as the President of Huntington’s Central Ohio Region. During his tenure, he held various pivotal positions, including Executive Vice President of Commercial and Retail Banking, Senior Vice President and Manager of Private Banking, Vice President of Capital Markets Group, and Vice President of the National Banking Division. His contributions to Huntington’s growth and success are a testament to his leadership and financial expertise.

    Prior to joining Huntington, Jim gained valuable experience as an account executive with the InsuranceOhio Company, a subsidiary of the Ohio Company, and with Alexander & Alexander Inc., a global insurance brokerage. His diverse background in the financial industry positions him as a well-rounded and knowledgeable executive.

    Jim’s commitment to the financial sector extends to his roles on the board of the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System and the Ohio Venture Capital Authority, where he continues to influence industry decisions.

    Jim Kunk is an alumnus of The Ohio State University, holding a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, and is a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin.

    His extensive knowledge of the financial industry is underscored by endorsements from colleagues and peers who recognize his proficiency in areas such as banking, leadership, strategic planning, financial analysis, commercial banking, and more. Jim’s leadership and interpersonal skills have earned him respect and endorsements from professionals in the field, highlighting his impressive career as a financial services executive and board chairman.

    Character: Jim Kunk is an accomplished financial executive known for his exceptional leadership skills and a distinguished career in the Financial Services Industry.

    Knowledge: With a wealth of experience in various financial roles, Jim possesses comprehensive industry knowledge and expertise in banking, credit analysis, capital markets, and more.

    Strategic: Jim has a track record of creating and executing strategic changes, driving profitable growth, and contributing to the success of multibillion-dollar financial organizations.

    Communication: Jim’s exceptional communication skills have not only earned him endorsements from peers but have also facilitated his impact in leadership and board roles within the financial sector.


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