Jeff Stasiuk: Empowering Sales Success Through Persuasive Messaging and Strategic Solutions

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    Jeff Stasiuk is an accomplished sales enablement copywriter and content strategist with a passion for helping complex-item manufacturers, sales trainers, consultants, and business coaches optimize their sales strategies. With over 30 years of sales experience across diverse industries, Jeff uniquely combines AWAI certifications and a proven track record of consistently achieving stellar triple-digit year-over-year growth.

    His expertise lies in crafting persuasive sales messaging rooted in effective marketing strategies. Jeff collaborates with marketing directors, sales professionals, and those marketing intricate products or services, offering nuanced messaging that guides leads through the buying journey.

    Clients partnering with Jeff benefit from his hands-on experience driving territories and leading sales teams, coupled with advanced training from top copy strategists in North America. His approach is applauded for delivering the most effective solutions to boost sales and generate customer satisfaction.

    Testimonials from esteemed clients commend Jeff’s professional B2B copywriting services, citing his ability to create compelling messaging that drives leads and establishes impactful business relationships.

    Jeff’s approach makes the process seamless for his clients, taking them from identifying their challenges in discovery meetings to presenting tailored solutions. His process includes thorough research, proposing effective solutions, training on implementation, and providing ongoing guidance for optimal results.

    Currently self-employed at B2B Working Words, Jeff specializes in sales enablement copywriting, aiding sales teams in creating persuasive sales tools that advance customers and drive sales closures. His extensive experience spans roles as a National Sales Manager, Director of Sales, and General Manager across various companies, where he consistently propelled business growth through strategic sales initiatives.

    Armed with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Operations Management and Marketing, Jeff’s numerous certifications and endorsements across sales, marketing, business strategy, and copywriting underscore his dedication to providing high-value, effective sales solutions.

    Contact Jeff Stasiuk at [email protected] for a conversation on how his expertise can meet your requirements and transform your sales strategies for success.

    Character: Jeff Stasiuk embodies enthusiasm, optimism, and a fun attitude while boasting a 30-year sales career with remarkable triple-digit year-over-year growth in various industries.

    Knowledge: Holding 15 AWAI certifications and backed by extensive selling experience, Jeff combines state-of-the-art marketing strategies with practical sales expertise, delivering effective sales messaging for complex-item manufacturers, consultants, and business coaches.

    Strategic: Jeff’s approach involves providing nuanced, persuasive messaging tailored for professionals marketing intricate services or products, guiding prospects through the buying journey and achieving successful outcomes.

    Communication: With a keen focus on customer needs, Jeff ensures effective communication by offering high-value solutions, delivering persuasive copy, and providing guidance through each stage of implementation.


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