Jeff Rubin: Pioneering Change Through Holistic Healthcare Leadership

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    Jeff Rubin is a distinguished Clinical Psychologist, Healthcare Tech Leader, and accomplished Startup Executive who has revolutionized the healthcare landscape with his expertise in clinical process design, organizational excellence, and behavioral change.

    With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Jeff has left an indelible mark on the healthcare industry. As an Advisor at Carallel, he continues to shape programs, leveraging his vast experience in Medicare, Medicaid, Clinical Psychology, and Staff Training to enhance customer experience and mental health services.

    Jeff’s profound impact is evident in his role as a Clinical Psychologist & Organizational Consultant, where he has seamlessly blended his knowledge in Team Management, Regulatory Compliance, Quality Management, and Clinical Development to drive strategic growth and operational efficiency.

    His tenure as Chief Clinical Officer at Laguna Health showcased his expertise in Regulatory Compliance, Quality Management, and Managed Care, underscoring his dedication to quality clinical operations and patient-centric care.

    Jeff’s strategic prowess came to the forefront as Chief Engagement & Influence Expert at Brightside, where he harnessed his skillset in Program Development, Clinical Psychology, and Staff Training to create transformative patient engagement platforms.

    A visionary co-founder, Jeff played a pivotal role at Accolade, Inc. as VP of Behavioral Operations & Client Experience and Medical Director Behavioral Health, contributing to the strategic evolution of healthcare services and customer experience.

    Jeff’s journey also saw him as Senior Vice President at Cigna Healthcare, where he held crucial roles in Clinical Development and Clinical Operations, further establishing his reputation as a strategic leader in the industry.

    His extensive career is fortified by certifications such as Certified Organizational Consultant and Licensed Psychologist, reflecting his commitment to excellence and organizational development.

    Jeff Rubin’s dedication to reshaping healthcare through innovative strategies, patient engagement models, and transformative leadership has earned him recognition, including the Edward J Hornick Memorial Award, and continues to drive positive change in healthcare paradigms.

    Character: Jeff Rubin is an experienced and visionary healthcare leader with a strong commitment to patient-centric care, demonstrated by his extensive career in clinical psychology and organizational development.

    Knowledge: Jeff possesses a deep understanding of healthcare operations, regulatory compliance, and clinical psychology, leveraging this expertise to drive strategic growth and operational excellence in various leadership roles.

    Strategic: With a strategic mindset, Jeff has successfully orchestrated transformative patient engagement platforms, optimized clinical processes, and led teams to enhance customer experiences and mental health services.

    Communication: Jeff’s exceptional communication skills are evident in his ability to influence positive behavior change, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and convey complex healthcare concepts to diverse audiences, contributing to his remarkable career trajectory.


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    David Terry
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