Jay Walters: Visionary CFO Transforming Manufacturing & Distribution Landscapes

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    Jay Walters is an accomplished visionary leader renowned for driving strategic growth and optimizing financial performance across the manufacturing and distribution sectors. As the VP/Chief Financial Officer at U.S. Venture, Inc., overseeing a $12B P&L and a team of 4.5K employees, Jay’s expertise lies in spearheading financial strategies that significantly enhance revenue, EBITDA, and cash flow.

    Throughout his tenure, Jay’s leadership has been instrumental in fortifying the company’s financial foundation, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. He steered the company towards unprecedented success, increasing liquidity by over $110M and elevating EBITDA by $40M, thereby achieving record earnings amid the crisis.

    Jay’s career is marked by a series of accomplishments in M&A leadership, where he orchestrated acquisitions, including an historic $460M acquisition resulting in the company’s top market position in the Eastern United States. His financial acumen is evident in negotiating multiple credit facilities and sourcing capital for growth initiatives, expanding operations across 45 states and international territories.

    His board leadership roles across various esteemed organizations underscore his commitment to community service and strategic governance. Notably, his efforts as Chairperson of the Neenah YMCA’s Finance Committee resulted in a successful $5M capital campaign fundraiser and merger of two YMCA locations into Fox Cities YMCA. He currently holds a board role with Card-Monroe where he was involved in the first hire of a non family member CEO, and he took part in the first acquisition in the companies 40 year history leading to growth and market expansion. Jay also chairs the CMC audit committee and is a member of the Executive Committee focused on proper governance, controls and strategic direction of the company.

    With a robust educational background including an MBA from North Carolina State University and a CPA/CMA certification, Jay exemplifies expertise in financial operations, risk management, and board governance. His relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a strong commitment to corporate performance management and compliance, has been pivotal in achieving consistent growth and financial stability.

    Jay’s outstanding contributions have earned him accolades such as the CFO of The Year award in the Growth category. His dedication to his team and the company’s success is evident in his acknowledgment of the U.S Venture, Inc. Finance Team and CEO John Schmidt for their unwavering support throughout his remarkable journey.

    Jay Walters’ strategic foresight, financial prowess, and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to define him as a visionary leader in the manufacturing and distribution landscape. Connect with him via LinkedIn [] or email at [email protected].

    Character: Jay Walters embodies integrity, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, evident through his unwavering ethical conduct, resilience, and accountability in leadership roles.

    Knowledge: With a profound understanding of Capital Allocation & Capital Structure, financial intricacies and a wealth of experience in finance, M&A, and compliance, Jay Walters demonstrates expertise that drives informed decision-making and strategic financial management.

    Strategic: Jay Walters is a strategic visionary, adept at devising and implementing robust financial strategies that fuel business growth, optimize shareholder value, and navigate complex challenges with resilience and agility.

    Communication: Excelling in interpersonal skills, Jay Walters exhibits exceptional communication prowess, fostering strong relationships with stakeholders, effectively articulating financial complexities, and providing transparent and insightful financial reporting.

    “I am humbled and honored to have been recognized as the winner of the

    Insight Publications CFO of The Year award in the Growth category. It was a

    great Inaugural event held at Lambeau Field and I enjoyed celebrating with my

    U.S. Venture Inc teammates and other CFOs.

    A big shoutout to my U.S. Venture, Inc. Finance Team for supporting me through

    all these years as well as the continued leadership of our CEO John Schmidt.”


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