Jason Rodgers: Accomplished System Administrator and Strategic Technology Leader Driving Innovation at Envolve Technical Solutions

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    Jason Rodgers is an accomplished System Administrator and CEO of Envolve Technical Solutions LLC, demonstrating extensive expertise in managing computer networks and technology environments. His proficiency includes diagnosing and resolving hardware, software, and network issues, alongside planning and implementing robust security measures to safeguard critical data and infrastructure.

    With advanced proficiency in Windows Server administration, Office365, network optimization, and infrastructure deployment, Jason is adept at deploying comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategies. His skill set spans CRM, RMM software, cybersecurity solutions, scripting, and hardware builds, underpinning a commitment to staying updated with evolving technology trends.

    As CEO of Envolve Technical Solutions LLC, Jason led IT infrastructure management across multiple sites, focusing on seamless connectivity and security. Notable achievements include implementing advanced technology solutions, cybersecurity measures, and leveraging remote support tools for rapid issue resolution.

    His professional journey includes roles as an IT Contractor, IT Support Specialist, IT Technician, and Store/Service Manager, where he contributed significantly to system integration, network connectivity, and technical support, culminating in enriched operational efficiency and superior client service.

    Key achievements include leading transformative IT initiatives across multiple locations, executing cybersecurity overhauls resulting in reduced security incidents, designing and implementing customized IT solutions for enhanced operational security, and streamlining software deployment processes, resulting in improved efficiency.

    Jason holds an Associates of Applied Science in Network and Computer Systems Administration and continuously engages in self-directed learning, acquiring a versatile skill set and comprehensive industry knowledge. His hands-on experience and dedication to staying updated make him a valuable asset to any dynamic team seeking technology-driven solutions and strategic IT leadership.


    Jason Rodgers embodies a dedicated, detail-oriented, and adaptable professional, committed to delivering robust IT solutions and ensuring the security and efficiency of technology environments.


    With extensive expertise in system administration, network management, and cybersecurity, Jason possesses a comprehensive understanding of hardware, software, and network intricacies, augmented by continuous self-directed learning and hands-on experience.


    Demonstrating strategic acumen, Jason spearheads technology roadmaps, implements cybersecurity measures, and innovates customized IT solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity, system optimization, and data protection for diverse clientele.


    Jason excels in clear and effective communication, fostering a culture of innovation, facilitating rapid issue resolution, and ensuring client satisfaction through articulate technical support and comprehensive operational guidance.


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