Jason R. Crain: Visionary Leader Transforming Businesses Across Industries

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    Jason R. Crain is a multifaceted executive with a track record of transformative leadership and strategic vision across diverse industries. As the President and Chief Revenue Officer at Slutty Vegan, Inc., he spearheads the scaling and growth strategies for a leading vegan burger restaurant, successfully raising $30M in venture capital and earning recognition as the 2023 Deal Maker of the Year.

    Jason’s impressive corporate journey includes notable roles at, where he served as a Technical Product Manager responsible for substantial revenue attribution. His accomplishments include integrating Partpic technology into the Amazon mobile app, coauthoring an international patent, and leading Amazon’s Augmented Reality shopping tool development, contributing to a yearly revenue of $200M.

    As the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Partpic, acquired by, Jason orchestrated daily operations, fundraising activities, and strategic initiatives, securing $5M in venture capital and earning recognition through multiple awards and accolades.

    His professional trajectory further includes impactful roles at Shazam Entertainment, where he managed high-value advertising campaigns, and Google, where he managed accounts for major advertisers, contributing to substantial revenue growth and winning awards for outstanding performance.

    Jason’s academic journey is equally impressive, featuring an Executive MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and global executive education from esteemed institutions like WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany and Guanghua School of Management at Peking University in China. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Morehouse College, showcasing his academic excellence.

    Beyond his corporate endeavors, Jason is deeply involved in mentorship, board memberships, and advisory roles across educational, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic platforms, emphasizing his commitment to giving back and shaping future leaders. His vast spectrum of professional affiliations includes the Global Shapers, Youth Entrepreneurs, Endeavor, and active participation in Forbes 30 Under 30 and World Economic Forum events, highlighting his influence in various global forums and his dedication to community development and empowerment.

    Character: Jason R. Crain embodies entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, and a commitment to excellence, showcased through his transformative leadership and success across various industries, reflecting his adaptability and dedication.

    Knowledge: With a diverse academic background, including an Executive MBA and global executive education, combined with hands-on experience in business development, finance, and technology, Jason possesses a robust multidisciplinary expertise that merges theoretical insights with practical business acumen.

    Strategic: Jason’s career journey illustrates a strategic mindset, demonstrated by his pivotal roles in scaling businesses, raising substantial capital, leading high-value projects, and pioneering innovative products and technologies, showcasing an ability to navigate complexities and drive impactful growth.

    Communication: Proficient in articulating complex business concepts and strategies, Jason excels in effective communication across diverse audiences, evidenced by his leadership roles, achievements, and extensive involvement in mentorship, boards, and global forums, highlighting his influence and commitment to fostering growth and empowerment.


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