Howard Palefsky: A Visionary Leader Transforming Healthcare and Cultural Landscapes

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    Howard Palefsky is a distinguished professional with an extensive career spanning over three decades, prominently marked by his executive, entrepreneurial, CEO, and board member roles within the healthcare, life sciences, and medical technology sectors. His impactful contributions have been instrumental in driving numerous successful product launches, financing initiatives, IPOs, and substantial value creation across various enterprises, totaling over 30 companies where he has served on the Board.

    Since 2016, Howard has adeptly managed private and public market investments through Victoria Capital Management, the family’s investment vehicle. His role involves overseeing a diverse portfolio of private market investments alongside a range of public investments while actively engaging in selective corporate and fund advisory activities. Howard has also lent his expertise in strategy, finance, operations, and international activities by serving on the boards of select corporate entities and cultural institutions.

    As the Managing Director at Montreux Equity Partners from 2002 to 2015, Howard was a senior member responsible for raising over $500 million in Limited Partner Commitments. His focus on investments in revenue-stage companies significantly impacted the health improvement sector. Noteworthy was his leadership on numerous portfolio company boards, generating substantial returns through successful investments in companies like Skinmedica (acquired by Allergan), Asthmatx (acquired by Boston Scientific), and Questcor Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Mallinckrodt), among others.

    Before that, as a private investor from 1997 to 2002, Howard played pivotal roles in various medical device, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical companies. His tenure involved assuming the roles of Board Chair and interim CEO in several privately held and publicly traded companies, including Conceptus, Interventional Technologies, NeurogesX, and ProDuct Health.

    Howard’s career commenced at Collagen Corporation in 1978, where he played a seminal role as Chairman, President, and CEO. Leading the company from a pre-revenue venture-funded start-up to profitability, an IPO in 1981, and eventual acquisition by Allergan in 1999, Howard’s strategic guidance spun out numerous entities focusing on medical specialties. His leadership led to the formation of companies like Target Therapeutics, Conceptus, and Prograft, which were subsequently acquired by major industry players, reaping substantial financial rewards.

    Throughout his career, Howard Palefsky has showcased his expertise in areas spanning Finance, Medical Devices, and the Pharmaceutical Industry. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Biology from The City College of New York.

    Beyond his professional commitments, Howard is actively involved in various cultural and philanthropic endeavors. He serves on the boards of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta History Center, The Woodruff Arts Center, and The Atlanta Opera, displaying his dedication to arts and culture. He’s also been an active member of YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) for over three decades, occupying leadership roles at both the Chapter and International level.

    Howard Palefsky stands as a testament to leadership, strategic acumen, and unwavering dedication, making profound contributions to businesses, industries, and cultural institutions alike. His commitment to improving performance and better serving stakeholders resonates throughout his multifaceted career.

    • Character: Howard Palefsky embodies an exceptional blend of integrity, dedication, and a strong work ethic, demonstrated through his extensive experience in corporate governance across diverse sectors.
    • Knowledge: With a robust educational foundation in Engineering Technology and a profound track record in healthcare, life sciences, and medical technology sectors, Howard possesses comprehensive expertise in Supply Chain Management and Asset Management.
    • Strategic: Howard’s career highlights strategic acumen, evident in his pivotal roles contributing to successful product launches, financing, IPOs, M&A transactions, and substantial value creation within numerous organizations.
    • Communication: Howard Palefsky showcases exceptional communication skills, adept at collaborating with diverse stakeholders and driving successful outcomes in Supply Chain operations and organizational transformations.


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