Heathere Evans: Catalyst for Transformation in Leadership and Communication

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    Heathere Evans is a renowned expert in leadership development, communication enhancement, and cultural transformation. With over 8 years of experience as the Founder & CEO of Pivot, Inc., Heathere has consistently delivered remarkable results in driving positive change for individuals and organizations. She has cultivated a strong client base, including industry giants like Google, the Better Business Bureau, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

    Heathere specializes in executive coaching and group learning programs, crafting signature programs focused on executive communication, emotional intelligence, high-performance teams, and conscious leadership. Her expertise lies in equipping individuals and teams with the skill sets and mindsets necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

    As a human and organizational development enthusiast, Heathere is driven by her passion for fostering self-awareness, higher consciousness, and more evolved leaders across all generations. Her commitment to trust, wellbeing, emotional agility, and resilience shines through in her work.

    Heathere’s extensive career includes founding an award-winning integrated public relations and marketing consulting firm, Keenan PR, Inc., where she coached, trained, and mentored leaders in various sectors, significantly improving their leadership confidence, effectiveness, and productivity over 15 years.

    Throughout her career, Heathere has consistently demonstrated her expertise in facilitation, leadership development coaching, strategic planning, and corporate communications. She holds certifications as a Success Intelligence Coach and a Transformational Workshop Leader, further exemplifying her commitment to personal and professional growth.

    Heathere’s educational background includes studies in Neurobiology and Behavior at UCLA, Psychology, Consciousness & Professional Coaching at the University of Santa Monica, and Business/Corporate Communications at San Diego State University.

    In addition to her professional achievements, Heathere is dedicated to social causes. She has volunteered her time and expertise to organizations like The Freedom to Choose Project, Walk With Sally, Children’s Law Center, National Fibromyalgia Association, and PRSA National Capital Chapter, where she served as President of the Board of Directors.

    Heathere Evans is not only a dynamic leader in the fields of leadership development and coaching but also a committed advocate for positive change and personal growth. Her impactful work continues to inspire individuals and organizations to strive for excellence and evolve into more conscious and effective leaders. For more information about Heathere and her work, please visit

    Character: Heathere Evans is a dedicated and passionate advocate for self-awareness, higher consciousness, and evolved leadership, committed to fostering trust, wellbeing, emotional agility, and resilience in individuals and organizations.

    Knowledge: Heathere possesses a wealth of expertise in leadership development, executive coaching, and cultural transformation, honed over her extensive career, and is backed by certifications as a Success Intelligence Coach and Transformational Workshop Leader.

    Strategic: As the Founder & CEO of Pivot, Inc., Heathere partners strategically with organizations like Google, Merck, and St. Jude Children’s Research Center, guiding them towards positive change by accelerating people development, enhancing communication, and promoting conscious, trust-based cultures.

    Communication: Heathere excels in facilitating group learning programs and coaching, where she imparts skill sets and mindsets in executive communication, emotional intelligence, high-performance teams, and conscious leadership, demonstrating her exceptional communication skills in her transformative work.


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