Gregory Schnelle: Accomplished Dual CEO and Entrepreneur in Healthcare Food and Nutrition

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    Gregory Schnelle is a distinguished Dual CEO and Entrepreneur with a robust background in business development and a focus on Healthcare Food and Nutrition. As the CEO of Gourmet To Go Palm Beach since November 2014, Gregory has displayed innovative leadership, securing licensing in Florida and enhancing delivery efficiencies and quality standards in USDA Fresh packaged Food Facilities. Under his guidance, the business expanded across South Florida, reaching various Hospitals, Businesses, Universities, and Hotels, witnessing remarkable revenue growth of over 100% annually.

    In his role as CEO of M&M Limousines since January 2015, Gregory transformed from a Hired Professional Chauffeur to an Independent Operator with a nationally contracted vendor. His strategic approach to developing a customer base, adding vehicles, and expanding services across all 3 South Florida Counties has resulted in thousands of customer rides annually, including renowned clients such as Venus Williams, Michael Jordan, and Henry Wrinkler. Gregory’s commitment to transparency in pricing sets a rare standard in the industry.

    During his tenure as the HHS FANS Manager at Boca Raton Regional Hospital from July 2014 to December 2014, Gregory managed over 80 employees and played a pivotal role in operational advancements. His leadership significantly improved patient satisfaction, increased cafeteria revenues by 220%, and implemented innovative changes such as a Coffee Stand and a revamped Register system for faster lines and consistent pricing.

    As the Regional Director of Food and Nutrition for 18 facilities in the SE division of HCA from December 1998 to June 2014, Gregory’s contributions were transformative. He developed a model for regional collaboration, led the development of the first-ever National Database for resource sharing, and negotiated contracts that decreased costs while increasing revenues. His achievements include top 10% patient satisfaction, lowest net FANS department costs per APD, and successful implementation of various programs, including a Diabetes and Medical Nutrition Therapy program.

    Gregory’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from Grendal University, San Francisco, CA, and an Associate of Arts with a major in Food Service Administration from the Catholic Health Association, St. Louis, MO. His numerous awards, including HCA Innovator of the Year and Gallup “World Class” Employee Engagement Achiever, showcase his commitment to service excellence and leadership.

    With a track record of success, innovative thinking, and dedication to community service, Gregory Schnelle is a dynamic leader in the field of Healthcare Food and Nutrition.

    Character: Gregory Schnelle is a results-oriented and professional leader with a strong track record of success, particularly in Healthcare Food and Nutrition.

    Knowledge: Gregory demonstrates extensive knowledge in business development, showcased through his dual roles as CEO and Entrepreneur in Gourmet To Go Palm Beach and M&M Limousines, with a focus on strategic expansion and innovative solutions.

    Strategic: Gregory strategically identifies opportunities, negotiates contracts, and implements operational advancements, contributing to significant growth in business revenues and customer base expansion.

    Communication: As a motivational communicator, Gregory Schnelle excels in cultivating quality outcomes through teamwork and high standards, evident in his leadership roles and collaborative efforts throughout his career.


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