Gilbert R. Ott, Jr.: A Trailblazing Corporate Counsel Transforming Financial Services

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    Gilbert R. Ott, Jr., an accomplished corporate and securities lawyer from Oyster Bay, NY, is recognized for his extensive legal expertise and strategic acumen in the financial services industry. With an MBA complementing his legal background, he brings a unique blend of business understanding and legal finesse to the table.

    Throughout his career, Gil has played pivotal roles in the growth and success of prominent fintech companies, notably contributing to the expansion of TD Ameritrade (TDA) and Datek Online. His meticulous approach and active listening skills have allowed him to navigate complex mergers and acquisitions totaling approximately $35B, including TDA’s merger with The Charles Schwab Corporation.

    As a former Managing Director and Deputy General Counsel at TD Ameritrade, Gil demonstrated exceptional leadership by steering the growth of TDA’s investment advisory business from ground zero to $22B in assets under management (AUM). His contributions spanned crafting SEC disclosure documents, favorably resolving potential enforcement matters, and launching innovative investment services, including Essential Portfolios and target-date ETFs.

    A trusted advisor in corporate governance matters, Gil actively participated in key committees and regulatory implementations, such as the DOL Fiduciary Rule changes and SEC Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI). He adeptly counseled external firm communications, mitigated risks, and ensured compliance with regulatory frameworks.

    Presently, as an Independent Legal Consultant, Gil continues to offer his wealth of experience and expertise to fintechs and consulting firms. His role involves providing strategic counsel, participating in industry events, and engaging in Tech GC/DGC communications.

    Gil Ott holds a Juris Doctor (JD) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia University, complementing his Bachelor of Arts (BA) with honors from Yale College. A member of the New York State Bar and the New York City Bar Association, Gil Ott continues to exemplify excellence, offering invaluable legal counsel and strategic insights in the ever-evolving landscape of financial services. Connect with Gil via email at [email protected] or visit his LinkedIn profile: for more information.


    • Gil exhibits unwavering integrity, meticulousness, and collaborative problem-solving skills, enabling him to navigate complex legal landscapes with a commitment to ethical resolutions.


    • With a profound understanding of corporate and securities law combined with an MBA background, Gil possesses extensive expertise, leveraging his insights to drive innovative strategies within the financial services sector.


    • His leadership prowess shines through strategic decision-making, actively contributing to multi-billion-dollar mergers, crafting regulatory compliance frameworks, and fostering corporate governance initiatives that drive organizational growth and resilience.


    • Gil excels in clear and effective communication, enabling him to engage cross-functional teams, navigate regulatory landscapes, and provide counsel that facilitates ethical resolutions and strategic business outcomes.


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