Fred Coutts: Accomplished President and Strategic Leader in the Food & Beverages Industry

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    Fred Coutts is an accomplished President with a rich history in the food and beverages industry, showcasing over 15 years of successful leadership as the President of Waypoint Marketing Group. With expertise in Consumer Products, Management, Trade Marketing, Key Account Development, and Retail, Fred has excelled in steering business development initiatives.

    In his role as the Chief Executive Officer at Greenfresh Market from January 2007 to December 2008, Fred undertook the challenging responsibility of founder and CEO, overseeing the entire project from concept to operations. Despite external challenges like the 2008 market crash and Boeing Strike impacting the store, Fred’s leadership was evident.

    Fred’s career includes a pivotal role as the General Manager at Acosta from July 1999 to December 2006, where he was responsible for the PNW Team of NS Sales, eventually leading the team for all natural/organic and specialty sales. His leadership skills were instrumental in the successful transition of Natural Foods Marketing to Acosta.

    With a solid foundation in the industry, Fred has also contributed significantly during his tenure at PCC Community Markets from April 1982 to July 1992, holding various roles, including Assistant Manager, Store Manager (2 stores), and Grocery Merchandiser. As a member of the Co-op Operations Committee, he played a key role in running operations chainwide for 7 years.

    Fred is a proud alumnus of the University of Washington. Graduated UW School of Business Executive Management Program, and he completed a certificate program at Purdue University and earned the Food Marketing Institute Grocery Management Certificate.

    Fred Coutts brings a wealth of skills to the table, including account management, budgeting, consulting, executive management, and new business development. His dynamic career and educational background make him a seasoned professional in the food and beverages industry.

    Character: Fred Coutts is an experienced and resilient President in the food and beverages industry, showcasing a strong history of leadership through challenges such as market crashes and industry strikes.

    Knowledge: As a Graduate of UW Executive Management program, Fred possesses extensive expertise in consumer products, trade marketing, and retail, complemented by strategic skills in budgeting, planning, and funding.

    Strategic: Fred has demonstrated strategic acumen as a President, Principal, and CEO, contributing to the success of Waypoint Marketing Group, iLevel Brands, and Greenfresh Market, showcasing his ability to navigate complex challenges and lead projects from concept to operations.

    Communication: With over 32 years in executive roles, Fred Coutts exhibits effective communication skills, evident in his leadership roles, from overseeing a team of 30 at Acosta to serving as Chairman of the Board at iLevel Brands, demonstrating a capacity to convey vision and manage diverse responsibilities.


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