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    Danny Rose boasts a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the television industry, recognized for his exceptional talent in developing and producing high-quality, top-rated entertainment. As President of Danny Rose Media, Inc., based in Studio City, CA, he leads a renowned production company dedicated to creating, developing, packaging, and producing original scripted and non scripted content for broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms.

    Currently, Danny serves as the lead Producer for “MELTING POINT,” a comedy thriller feature film slated to shoot in Ireland, showcasing his versatility and creative vision. Previously, he held pivotal roles as Executive Producer for acclaimed large scale television pilots such as “LOVE HANDLES” at HBO and “BROKEN RECORD” at eOne, where he collaborated with industry icons like Regina King and Meghan Trainor to secure and develop compelling scripts for major networks.

    Danny’s career highlights include his tenure as Co-executive Producer on “SCORPION,” a successful four season CBS series that he developed after acquiring rights to the life story of a prominent individual. This endeavor, packaged with notable talents like Justin Lin and Alex Kurtzman, and Scooter Braun resulted in 93 episodes that captivated audiences globally.

    At Viacom Inc., Danny’s creative leadership shone through in projects like “ZOE EVER AFTER,” starring Brandy, and “CHASING DESTINY,” a groundbreaking non-scripted musical competition series with Kelly Rowland. His knack for discovering and nurturing talent was evident in the documentary series “TODRICK,” which he co-created with Brian Graden, amplifying Todrick Hall’s rise to international fame.

    Other notable career highlights include playing pivotal roles at ABC Studios and Warner Brothers television,  producing all six seasons of the hit sitcom “COUGAR TOWN” and all nine seasons of the Emmy-nominated “SCRUBS,” and various pilots for ABC Studios and Warner Bros, including “UNDATABLE”, which went on for three seasons.  

    Danny Rose is a graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production, complemented by studies in Business and Media Arts at Tulane University. His academic foundation combined with his creative acumen continues to drive his success in the competitive landscape of television production.

    Danny Rose’s commitment to excellence, coupled with his ability to foster compelling narratives and collaborate with industry luminaries, cements his legacy as a visionary producer shaping the future of television entertainment.

    • Character: Danny Rose demonstrates integrity and dedication in his 25-year career as a television producer, consistently delivering high-quality entertainment.
    • Knowledge: With a solid foundation in film and television production from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Tulane University, Danny Rose applies a deep understanding of both creative and business aspects to his projects.
    • Strategic: As President of Danny Rose Media, Inc., he strategically develops and packages original content, leveraging partnerships and talent to secure successful productions for broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms.
    • Communication: Danny Rose excels in communication, effectively collaborating with industry talents like Regina King, Kelly Rowland, and Brian Graden to bring compelling stories and formats to fruition across various networks and media.


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