Erin Frey: Bridging the Gap Between Patients and Progress in Healthcare

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    Erin Frey stands at the forefront of healthcare advocacy, with a rich tapestry of experiences spanning over two decades in both corporate and non-profit realms. Based in Raleigh-Durham, NC, Erin is a visionary leader known for her unwavering commitment to crafting patient-centered strategies and programs that drive meaningful change in the healthcare landscape.

    Currently serving as the Senior Director of State Government Affairs at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc., Erin plays a pivotal role in advocating for novel treatments for rare and ultra-rare diseases. Leading a dynamic team focused on the Eastern US region, Erin spearheads initiatives to shape policy, build coalitions, and amplify the voices of patients and their families. Her strategic acumen and deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem enable her to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and forge partnerships that drive impact.

    Prior to her role at Ultragenyx, Erin served as the Senior Director of Advocacy at CureDuchenne, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. In this capacity, Erin led efforts to raise awareness, drive policy change, and empower patients and caregivers. Her relentless advocacy efforts were instrumental in securing critical resources and support for families affected by this devastating disease.

    Throughout her career, Erin has been recognized for her exceptional leadership and contributions to the healthcare community. She has been a featured speaker at numerous industry events and has received accolades such as the AstraZeneca Corporate Affairs Excellence Award and the Legacy Award from the Jane Addams Hull House.

    Beyond her professional endeavors, Erin is deeply involved in various advisory committees, non-profit organizations, and professional associations, where she continues to champion the cause of healthcare access and equity. Her passion for making a difference in the lives of patients is evident in everything she does, and her tireless dedication to advancing the field of healthcare is an inspiration to all who have the privilege of working alongside her.

    As she continues to pave the way for progress in healthcare, Erin remains steadfast in her commitment to building a brighter, healthier future for all. Connect with Erin on LinkedIn to learn more about her impactful work and how you can join her in shaping the future of healthcare.

    Character: Erin Frey demonstrates unwavering commitment and passion in her advocacy efforts for healthcare access and equity.

    Knowledge: With over two decades of experience, Erin possesses deep industry knowledge and expertise in navigating complex healthcare ecosystems.

    Strategic: Erin employs strategic thinking and foresight to craft patient-centered strategies and drive impactful change in healthcare policy and advocacy.

    Communication: Erin excels in effectively communicating with diverse stakeholders, building coalitions, and amplifying the voices of patients and caregivers.


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