Eric Liechty: Empowering Leadership and Transformative Solutions

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    Eric Liechty is a seasoned professional known for his exceptional problem-solving abilities and his unwavering commitment to understanding, empowering, and mobilizing individuals to realize their full potential. With a foundation built on patience, comprehensive problem analysis, and persistence, Eric has honed his skills in fostering leadership qualities and nurturing individual talents and strengths.

    As the Founder and President of Queen Bee Auto in Spanish Fork, Utah, Eric exhibited exceptional entrepreneurial acumen, establishing the business from the ground up without accruing any debt. He meticulously crafted operational systems, recruited and trained a proficient team, managed quality control, and fostered enduring customer relationships. His dedication culminated in a successful transfer of ownership to his wife and daughter, ensuring a legacy of excellence and sustainability.

    Recognizing overlooked attributes in individuals, Eric founded Recovered Hands in Spanish Fork, Utah, aiming to harness the potential in people that often goes unnoticed. His keen insight into people’s latent talents and strengths serves as a cornerstone for inspiring greatness in others.

    Eric’s professional journey includes a tenure as a Sign Salesman at Yesco Signs in Salt Lake City, where he adeptly developed leads, nurtured opportunities, and fostered strong client relationships. Additionally, his commitment to community service was evident during his part-time role in Emergency Services at Payson City, where he served as a volunteer firefighter and EMT for nearly 14 years, exhibiting exceptional teamwork, problem-solving, and specialized patient care skills.

    His tenure as a Correction Officer at Utah State Corrections showcased his leadership as he supervised prison inmates, managed the State of Utah Motor Pool, and provided valuable avocational training while excelling in infirmary duties and investigations.

    Eric holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Touro University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, emphasizing change management, positive psychology, teamwork development, stress management, and performance assessment. His Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Services Management from Utah Valley University equipped him with strong leadership, management, psychological, and investigative skills.

    His skill set includes expertise in Positive Psychology, Law of Attraction, Published Authorship, Persistence, Adaptation, Gratitude, Employee Engagement, Business Culture Development, Customer Service (Internal and External), Change Management, and Process Enhancement.

    Eric Liechty epitomizes a visionary leader who not only identifies solutions to complex problems but also uplifts individuals by recognizing and cultivating their inherent strengths, contributing significantly to their professional and personal growth.

    Character: Eric Liechty embodies patience, persistence, and an innate ability to recognize and empower individuals by appreciating their unique abilities, talents, and strengths.

    Knowledge: With a Master’s Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Services Management, Eric possesses a diverse skill set encompassing change management, positive psychology, leadership, and comprehensive problem-solving.

    Strategic: Eric’s strategic prowess is evident in his entrepreneurial journey, where he founded and successfully led businesses like Queen Bee Auto and Recovered Hands, showcasing his ability to build systems, foster enduring relationships, and transfer ownership seamlessly.

    Communication: Eric’s effective communication skills shine through his roles as a Sign Salesman, volunteer firefighter, and correction officer, where he developed strong customer relationships, worked in emergency services, and managed teams, demonstrating adeptness in conveying ideas, managing conflicts, and fostering teamwork.


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