Elizabeth Powitzky: A Leader in Finance and Strategic Development

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    Elizabeth Powitzky is a highly accomplished executive with an extensive background in leadership, finance, and organizational development. As the Founder and CEO of 212 Degrees LLC, a role she has held since March 2023, Elizabeth spearheads a boutique consultancy firm dedicated to coaching executives on effective leadership strategies, fostering the development of high-performing teams, and conducting tailored workshops aimed at enhancing group dynamics and productivity. With a keen understanding of the intricacies of executive management, Elizabeth leverages her wealth of experience to provide invaluable insights and guidance to her clients, empowering them to navigate complex challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

    Prior to her current role, Elizabeth enjoyed a distinguished career at Edward Jones, a leading financial services firm, where she held several key positions over the years, each marked by notable accomplishments and contributions to the organization’s success. In her most recent role as Principal in Finance – Branch Team Market Optimization, spanning from December 2020 to March 2023, Elizabeth played a pivotal role in the firm’s strategic decision-making processes as a member of the operating committee, comprising the top 25 leaders of the firm. Additionally, she served on the divisional leadership team, collaborating with the top four leaders of the division to drive initiatives aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing market performance. Elizabeth’s leadership acumen and strategic foresight were instrumental in leading several hundred associates and over 20 Partners of the firm, effectively increasing the depth and diversity of leadership across the organization while overseeing a substantial program with responsibilities totaling $500 million.

    Prior to her tenure in Branch Team Market Optimization, Elizabeth held various other leadership roles within Edward Jones, each demonstrating her exceptional aptitude for driving results and fostering organizational excellence. As Principal in Finance – Compensation and Accounting Services from December 2016 to December 2020, Elizabeth oversaw the accurate compensation of over 40,000 associates annually and spearheaded a multi-million-dollar firm-wide workforce initiative to successful implementation. Her efforts also included leading comprehensive changes to the firm’s financial advisor compensation programs, further solidifying her reputation as a strategic thinker and results-driven leader.

    In earlier roles at Edward Jones, including Principal in Branch Development Centralized Support, Principal in Financial Advisor Talent Acquisition, and Department Leader in Financial Advisor Hiring, Elizabeth consistently demonstrated her ability to deliver impactful results and drive positive change. From establishing new business units to leading multi-million-dollar initiatives and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of talent acquisition processes, Elizabeth’s contributions have been instrumental in shaping the firm’s success and fostering a culture of excellence.

    Elizabeth Powitzky is a visionary leader with a profound passion for guiding senior leadership through the nuances of their professional journeys, facilitating their alignment with personal values over external perceptions. With a remarkable talent for nurturing the growth of both individual contributors and seasoned leaders, Elizabeth excels in cultivating leadership excellence across diverse domains. Her expertise spans leading through change, enhancing executive presence, optimizing strategic decision-making, and fostering collaborative partnerships.

    Elizabeth’s commitment to professional development and academic excellence is evident in her educational background. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a focus on Industrial and Organizational Psychology, from the University of Missouri – St. Louis, where she graduated in 1999. In addition, Elizabeth earned an Executive MBA from New York University in 2020, further enhancing her strategic business acumen and leadership capabilities.

    In addition to her academic achievements, Elizabeth is a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Executive Coaching which she obtained in December 2023. This demonstrates her commitment to ongoing professional development and her dedication to supporting others in their growth and development journey.

    In summary, Elizabeth Powitzky is a highly respected leader and visionary executive, whose extensive experience, strategic mindset, and commitment to excellence have made her a trusted advisor and mentor to countless professionals. Through her leadership at 212 Degrees LLC and her impactful contributions at Edward Jones, Elizabeth continues to leave an indelible mark on the financial services industry, inspiring others to strive for greatness and achieve their fullest potential.

    Character: Elizabeth Powitzky demonstrates unwavering integrity and a strong work ethic, consistently embodying values of honesty, accountability, and professionalism in all her endeavors.

    Knowledge: With a robust educational background and extensive experience in finance and leadership, Elizabeth possesses a deep understanding of industry dynamics and strategic business principles, enabling her to make informed decisions and drive successful outcomes.

    Strategic: Elizabeth excels in strategic thinking and planning, adeptly identifying opportunities for growth and development, and implementing effective strategies to achieve long-term organizational objectives.

    Communication: As a skilled communicator, Elizabeth effectively conveys ideas and vision, fostering collaboration and alignment across diverse teams, and cultivating a culture of transparency and open dialogue.


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