Drew Luce:  Pioneering growth in Dietary Supplement, Functional Food, and Food

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    Drew Luce is a distinguished figure with 28 years of experience in Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, and Food sectors. He has held pivotal roles as a Chief Operating Officer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and Partner with Colorado based, RFI, LLC . Throughout his career, Drew has demonstrated proficiency across all facets of manufacturing company operations, including sales, marketing, product development, proof of concept trials, production, supply chain, quality, regulatory compliance, and finance.

    During his extensive tenure with RFI, LLC spanning over two decades until December 2019, Drew played a pivotal role in the company’s success. His contributions were diverse, encompassing strategic alignment with companies and brands of varying scales, fostering enduring industry relationships, and facilitating revenue generation surpassing $15 million. 

    With a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Political Science, and Public Administration from Montclair State University, Drew has cultivated a broad educational foundation complementing his rich professional experience.

    Presently, as the President of , Drew has established a platform to engage potential clients and collaborators across diverse distribution channels within the dietary supplement, functional food, and food industries. His aim is to leverage his extensive knowledge and experience in areas like sales, marketing, brand strategy, product development, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and financial management to benefit his clients and the industry at large.

    Endowed with a suite of skills including strategic planning, cross-functional team leadership, business strategy, product development, and new business development, Drew’s expertise is recognized and endorsed by colleagues and industry professionals alike. His ability to amalgamate a robust understanding of science-based platforms with practical industry experience reflects his commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions.

    Drew Luce remains a prominent figure in the global consumer healthcare arena, consistently contributing his expertise, strategic insights, and vast industry network to drive growth and success in the realms of supplements and functional foods. 

    • Character: Spanning four decades, Drew Luce has embodied a steadfast commitment and expertise in global consumer healthcare, showcasing dedication, reliability, and a profound passion for the industry’s growth and advancement.
    • Knowledge: With 28+ years of hands-on experience and a Bachelor’s degree encompassing Business, Political Science, and Public Administration, Drew has demonstrated communication skills and a comprehensive expertise. Spanning all facets of manufacturing company operations within the supplements and food sectors.
    • Strategic: Drew’s roles as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and Partner have equipped him with strategic prowess, fostering enduring industry relationships, aligning with diverse companies and brands, and generating substantial revenue exceeding $15 million, demonstrating a strategic vision that propels business success.
    • Communication: Drew’s establishment of underscores his aptitude for effective communication, aiming to engage potential clients and collaborators across various distribution channels within the dietary supplement, functional food, and food industries, leveraging his profound knowledge and experience in diverse areas like sales, marketing, product development, regulatory compliance, and finance.


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