Dr. John Peabody: Pioneering Healthcare Transformation Through Philanthropy and Research Excellence

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    Dr. John Peabody is a successful entrepreneur and distinguished healthcare professional serving as the President and co-founder of Peabody Health Philanthropies, a foundation established with his wife Camellia. This foundation has a profound mission: to elevate healthcare quality and drive positive patient outcomes by leveraging scientifically-validated patient simulations. Their focus extends to lowering healthcare costs in low-and-middle-income-countries (LMIC). He founded and started QURE healthcare, a start-up, that grew into a multimillion-dollar healthcare business.  QURE developed a reliable measurement platform that standardizes clinical care, lowers the cost of care cost and improves patient outcomes. His software product is now used by hospitals and, providers, insurance companies and clinical providers in the US and other parts of the world. In 2022, John sold the company to TRC Healthcare where he stayed on as President of QURE and assumed the responsibilities of the CMO.  With the proceeds from the sale, John and his wife started Peabody Health Philanthropies (PHP).

    With his illustrious career, Dr. Peabody now serves on three different Boards of Directors and advises companies working for CMMS and the World Bank. His expertise lies in health care measurement, a domain in which he has made significant contributions, evident through his involvement in over 100 peer-reviewed publications and several books. These publications span a wide range of topics, including care quality, the development of clinical measurement tools, and the correlation between practice standardization and reduced healthcare costs.

    Dr. Peabody’s dedication goes beyond academic pursuits. His commitment to improving healthcare for underserved populations is evident through the development of globally-adopted standard clinical practice variation measurement tools. These tools, such as the Clinical Performance and Value (CPV®) simulations, serve as a foundation for his academic research and the mission-driven work conducted at QURE Healthcare.

    Beyond his current roles, Dr. Peabody actively contributes to various organizations and boards such as Rocky Vista University, MediGuru, MyCareGorithm, and the Catalysis Foundation for Health. His diverse contributions showcase a commitment to fostering healthcare improvements across multiple domains.

    Dr. Peabody’s academic journey began with a Medical Doctorate (M.D.) from the University of California, San Francisco – School of Medicine, where he was a part of the esteemed Alpha Omega Alpha society. His academic pursuits continued with a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis/Health Economics from the Pardee RAND Graduate School and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Stanford University, where he earned honors and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

    His extensive experience includes roles at notable institutions like Amgen, RAND Corporation, World Health Organization, and Project HOPE. His contributions as an epidemiologist, program director, and executive director, have been instrumental in shaping global healthcare strategies.

    Dr. Peabody’s commitment to healthcare improvements, combined with his expertise in health economics, clinical research, epidemiology, and healthcare systems, positions him as a transformative leader dedicated to advancing healthcare globally. His philanthropic vision and dedication to evidence-based practices exemplify his commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes worldwide.

    Character: Dr. Peabody exemplifies dedication and compassion, driven by a deep commitment to improving healthcare outcomes, especially for underserved populations, through the private sector, philanthropy and scientific innovation.

    Knowledge: Dr. Peabody possesses extensive expertise in healthcare measurement, evidenced by a vast portfolio of over 200 publications and books covering diverse topics such as care quality, clinical measurement tools, and the nexus between practice standardization and reduced healthcare costs.

    Strategic Ability: Demonstrating astute strategic prowess, Dr. Peabody leads groundbreaking initiatives, leveraging scientifically-validated patient simulations and globally-adopted standard clinical practice variation measurement tools to enhance healthcare quality while lowering costs in the US and around the world.

    Communication: Dr. Peabody adeptly communicates complex healthcare concepts to various stakeholders, fostering collaboration and understanding, while championing evidence-based practices to drive positive change in healthcare delivery globally.


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