Dr. Elizabeth Holt, MD, FACE: Forward-Thinking in Strategic Leadership

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    Dr. Elizabeth Holt is a distinguished Endocrinologist renowned for her transformative leadership in healthcare advocacy and medical innovation. With over three decades of experience spanning both corporate and patient care sectors, Dr. Holt has left an indelible mark on the global healthcare landscape. Currently serving as the Head of Global Medical, Clinical, and Safety at LifeScan Global Corporation, Dr. Holt plays a pivotal role in shaping medical affairs strategies and driving impactful initiatives to enhance patient outcomes worldwide.

    In her capacity as Medical Affairs Head, Dr. Holt leads a team of seasoned professionals in crafting innovative approaches to key opinion leader (KOL) engagement, evidence generation, clinical trial design, and publishing results. Her visionary leadership has revolutionized the company’s medical affairs philosophy, resulting in enhanced collaboration with stakeholders and the development of clinically meaningful solutions for patients.

    Prior to her tenure at LifeScan, Dr. Elizabeth Holt, MD, FACE, held several influential positions, each underscoring her profound expertise and commitment to advancing healthcare. Serving as the Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc., she navigated the complexities of medical strategy development and cross-functional collaboration, ensuring the alignment of initiatives with patient-centric care principles. Additionally, as a Clinical Endocrinologist at Raleigh Endocrine Associates, Dr. Holt actively contributed to improving patient outcomes through her clinical expertise and dedication to providing compassionate care. Beyond her corporate and patient care engagements, Dr. Holt has made significant contributions to the medical community by serving on not-for-profit and for-profit boards of directors, advisory committees, and speaker bureaus. As a valued member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) national Board of Directors and regional Board of Directors and Executive Committee, she played an integral role in shaping organizational policies, fostering stakeholder engagement, and spearheading strategic initiatives aimed at advancing the field of endocrinology care. Dr. Holt’s multifaceted experiences exemplify her innovative approach to strategic leadership and her unwavering commitment to improving healthcare outcomes for patients globally.

    Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Holt has garnered numerous accolades and recognitions for her outstanding achievements. She is a Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology and has received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from Marquis Who’s Who. Additionally, Dr. Holt’s advocacy efforts have extended to Capitol Hill and local communities, where she has lobbied for health-related policies and initiatives.

    As an Assistant Consulting Professor of Medicine at Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Holt fostered the next generation of healthcare leaders through mentorship and education. Her dedication to advancing medical science, coupled with her unwavering passion for patient care, continues to inspire and shape the future of healthcare on a global scale.

    Character: Dr. Elizabeth Holt demonstrates integrity, resilience, and empathy in her leadership, embodying a commitment to ethical healthcare practices and patient-centered care.

    Knowledge: With extensive experience in endocrinology, clinical research, and medical affairs, Dr. Holt possesses deep industry knowledge and expertise, enabling her to navigate complex healthcare situations with precision and insight.

    Strategic: Dr. Holt employs forward-thinking strategies and innovative approaches to drive impactful change in medical affairs, leveraging her visionary leadership to shape policy, foster collaboration, and advance patient outcomes on a global scale.


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