Dr. Chirag Chaudhari: Leading the Way in Emergency Medicine and Health Informatics

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    Chirag Chaudhari is a distinguished and highly experienced emergency medicine physician with an exemplary career spanning over 18 years in active clinical practice. Notably, he has also accumulated more than 8 years of invaluable experience as the Department Chair. Chirag’s remarkable journey in the field of medicine is marked by his unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare quality and safety, as well as his proficiency in information technology and leadership.

    Chirag served as the President of the Medical Staff at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center from 2021 to 2023. In this pivotal role, he is dedicated to ensuring that the interests and concerns of his fellow physicians, advanced practice providers, and medical staff members are heard and addressed by the hospital’s executive team and board. His mission is to foster workflow efficiencies, improve the quality and safety of patient care, and consequently elevate the level of care provided to the community.

    Chirag is more than a medical leader; he is a certified Epic Physician Builder and holds the position of Medical Director of Informatics at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center. In this capacity, he leverages his expertise to introduce cutting-edge technology and enhance the use of electronic medical records, ensuring that these technologies work in harmony with the medical staff’s needs. He has led various impactful projects within the hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, driving positive changes. One notable achievement is the improved throughput of patients with mild Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), who are now treated on general medical floors instead of the ICU, resulting in reduced lengths of stay in both the Emergency Department (ED) and ICU, decreased nursing costs, and an enhanced patient experience. Additionally, Chirag has played a vital role in the deployment of a secure texting application, actively participating in system development to optimize its use.

    Chirag Chaudhari possesses a unique blend of skills, including information security, cybersecurity, IT project and program management, IT governance, and expertise in healthcare information technology (HIT). This diverse skill set positions him as a leader capable of shaping the healthcare landscape through strategic implementation of technology and data-driven practices.

    His extensive experience also extends into the academic realm, where he has honed his teaching, collaborative problem-solving, and public speaking skills. As an accomplished emergency medicine physician, he continuously contributes to the education of emerging healthcare professionals, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the challenges of the field.

    Furthermore, Chirag is an experienced expert witness, having reviewed more than thirty cases and providing expert testimony at depositions and trials. His ability to provide knowledgeable and credible insights has made him a trusted figure within the legal and medical communities.

    Chirag Chaudhari’s journey in the field of emergency medicine has been both remarkable and impactful. He defines his professional identity as an emergency medicine physician, embracing the challenges and high acuity of the Emergency Department at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center. His commitment to providing top-quality care to the Anne Arundel County community has made him an essential part of the team. The department’s exceptional teamwork fosters a family-like environment, enabling him to deliver prompt and effective care to a wide range of patients.

    Chirag’s dedication and contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed. In 2012, he was awarded the BWMC Physician of the Year, an accolade that reflects the esteem in which he is held by his colleagues and coworkers. In 2023 Chirag was also awarded Emergency Medicine Physician of the Year by The Maryland Chapter of the Americal College of Emergency Physicians. Chirag also served 2 years on the Hospital Board of UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center and is currently a member of the Hospital Foundation Board.

    With an extensive and multifaceted career in medicine, coupled with his leadership in health informatics and healthcare technology, Chirag Chaudhari continues to shape the future of healthcare, ensuring that medical professionals have the tools and knowledge needed to provide the highest quality care to their patients. His commitment to improving healthcare practices and patient outcomes makes him an indispensable figure in the medical field.

    Character: Dr. Chirag Chaudhari exemplifies unwavering dedication to patient care and a commitment to improving healthcare quality.

    Knowledge: With extensive experience in emergency medicine and health informatics, Dr. Chaudhari possesses a deep understanding of medical practice and cutting-edge technology.

    Strategic: Dr. Chaudhari strategically leverages his expertise to optimize healthcare processes and introduce innovative solutions that benefit both medical staff and patients.

    Communication: A skilled communicator, Dr. Chaudhari effectively conveys complex medical and technological concepts, fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals and contributing to better patient outcomes.


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