Dr. Ashkan Ashrafi: Accomplished Leader in Electrical Engineering, Innovation, and Industry Collaboration

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    Ashkan Ashrafi, Ph.D., SMIEEE, is a highly accomplished Electrical Engineering professional with extensive experience in academia and industry leadership roles. Holding a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with the highest honors from The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Ashkan has made significant contributions in research, innovation, and educational excellence. As the President and CEO of Topolonet Corporation, he has demonstrated his expertise in founding and managing technology-focused companies. Ashkan’s academic journey includes serving as an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at San Diego State University, where he has been recognized with outstanding faculty awards.

    His educational background includes a Ph.D., M.S., and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence. Ashkan’s management experience extends to his roles as President and CEO of Topolonet Corporation. In the realm of teaching and advising, he has led courses such as Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, and more. His impact is further evident in the successful graduation of numerous MS and Ph.D. students.

    Ashkan Ashrafi’s honors and distinctions include the 2023 Outstanding Faculty Award of the ECE Department at San Diego State University and the Best Associate Editor Award for IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part-I. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and has served as an Associate Editor for prestigious journals. His publications, invited book chapters, and patents reflect his research prowess. As a grant recipient, Ashkan has secured funding for projects related to power grid topology, neural interface, convex optimization, and more.

    With a deep commitment to advancing the field, Ashkan Ashrafi stands out as a leader, researcher, and educator in the realm of Electrical Engineering and Computational Science.

    Character: Ashkan Ashrafi demonstrates a strong commitment to academic and professional excellence, evident through his extensive experience, leadership roles, and recognition in the field of Electrical Engineering.

    Knowledge: Possessing a Ph.D. with the highest honors and a diverse educational background, Ashkan showcases profound expertise in electrical engineering, computational science, and data science, contributing significantly to research and educational excellence.

    Strategic: As the President and CEO of Topolonet Corporation, Ashkan exhibits strategic acumen in founding and managing technology-focused companies, coupled with successful grant acquisition for projects related to power grid topology and neural interface.

    Communication: Serving as an Associate Professor and Director of the Signal Processing Research Laboratory at San Diego State University, Ashkan demonstrates effective communication through teaching, advising, publications, and presentations, fostering collaboration within academia and industry.


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