Douglas P. Ward: A Visionary Executive Recruiter and Corporate Strategist

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    Douglas P. Ward is an accomplished Executive Recruiter and Corporate Development Consultant, currently serving as the Managing Director of Conifer Employment Solutions, where he specializes in executive placement, sales, and corporate development. With over 13 years of experience in this role, Douglas focuses on c-suite engagements critical to an organization’s success, aligning executive performance with strategic objectives. His innovative “Strategy Alignment and People” methodology directly links employee performance to strategic initiatives, effectively bridging the execution gap.

    Douglas’s professional journey includes notable achievements:

    • Mergers and Acquisitions: He has led the acquisition of over 30 companies across diverse industries, including health care, retail, hospitality, food service, food service distribution, paper processing, and railroads.
    • Strategic Planning: With 25 years of experience, Douglas has successfully facilitated strategic planning sessions in various sectors.
    • Human Capital Deployment: He developed an online system and methodology for evaluating, recruiting, tracking, and placing high-performing candidates in strategically vital roles.

    Douglas’s background also encompasses managing and staffing various healthcare facilities, including hospitals, group homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and clinics, with expertise in areas such as traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation, developmentally disabled care, dementia, geriatrics, and esthetics. He owned and operated ASAP Medstaff, a healthcare staffing agency, and served as the President and principal of a physician practice management company.

    Douglas holds a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto. In addition to his role at Conifer Employment Solutions, he serves as a Strategic Advisor at STS Capital Partners, assisting business owners in achieving extraordinary exits. He’s also a part of Express Employment Professionals, a top staffing company, where he has been instrumental in helping people find jobs and providing workforce solutions to businesses.

    With 46 endorsements for skills such as Recruiting, Business Development, Strategic Planning, and Talent Management, Douglas has proven his expertise in various aspects of the corporate world. His multifaceted career and innovative methodologies make him a sought-after figure in the field of executive recruitment and corporate development.

    Character: Douglas P. Ward is an accomplished and innovative executive recruiter and corporate development consultant with a track record of strategic thinking and aligning people with organizational goals.

    Knowledge: With over 13 years of experience as the Managing Director of Conifer Employment Solutions, Douglas has extensive knowledge in executive placement, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and human capital deployment.

    Strategic: Douglas excels in strategic planning, demonstrated by his 25 years of experience facilitating strategic sessions and his development of the “Strategy Alignment and People” methodology, which directly links employee performance to strategic initiatives.

    Communication: His communication skills are reflected in his ability to convey complex strategic concepts and methodologies to diverse stakeholders in various industries, making him an effective bridge between executive talent and organizational success.


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