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    ### Doug Steele, CSSBB PMP

    **President, Investigations at Paragon Systems, Inc.**

    Herndon, VA, United States

    Doug Steele, CSSBB PMP, stands as a distinguished leader in the management of federal and professional services organizations, currently serving as the President of Investigations at Paragon Systems, Inc. With an unwavering commitment to operational excellence, Doug has consistently demonstrated his prowess in leading and transforming programs that emphasize people, processes, productivity, and quality for profitable growth.

    Doug’s tenure at Paragon Systems has been marked by his strategic initiatives to expand service offerings in background investigations, fraud prevention, and site inspections. Under his leadership, Paragon Systems has cultivated new market segments and enhanced its service portfolio, significantly boosting revenue and profitability. Doug’s ability to mobilize cross-functional teams and drive operational integrity has fostered a culture of excellence and innovation within the organization.

    Before joining Paragon Systems, Doug was a Principal at CSC, where he directed a business intelligence program for over a thousand personnel, integrating new technologies and scalable systems to maximize value and performance. At M2FX, LLC, as a Senior Managing Partner, he was pivotal in steering the company’s operations and technology integration, fueling its entrepreneurial growth.

    Doug also served as President & CEO of Paragon IV Group, LLC, where he managed a diverse portfolio of residential properties and franchised investments, demonstrating strong capabilities in business planning, P&L management, and strategic portfolio development. His leadership extended to Innoviss/MSM as Managing Director & General Manager, where he led fraud inspection and prevention product coordination, emphasizing continuous improvement and strategic alignment.

    At USIS, Doug held several key positions, including Vice President of Operations and Director of the Potomac Business Unit. He was instrumental in constructing a new corporate operations function within a $650M business unit, leading process innovation teams to achieve significant productivity gains and cost savings. His strategic initiatives improved program performance through technology advancements and employee empowerment programs.

    Doug’s career began in the U.S. Federal Government, where he served as Chief of Integrity Assurance and Senior Program Analyst. In these roles, he played a crucial part in developing national security programs and federal regulations, showcasing his expertise in stakeholder engagement and policy development.

    Doug’s academic credentials include executive-level education from the MIT Sloan School of Management, focusing on Innovation and Value Chain Solutions, and a B.A. in Leadership and Political Science from the University of Richmond. He also completed the Washington Semester Program at American University. His professional development includes certifications in process innovation, leadership development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles.

    Doug Steele’s extensive experience, strategic vision, and commitment to operational excellence make him a formidable leader in the industry, driving continuous improvement and fostering a culture of innovation and integrity at Paragon Systems, Inc.


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