Doug Philp: Pioneering Leadership in Supply Chain Innovation and Community Impact

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    With an impressive career spanning over thirty years, Doug Philp is a seasoned professional renowned for his expertise in Supply Chain Management and Asset Management. As the Principal of DCCP Consulting Ltd., he offers invaluable senior consulting and contract services, specializing in leadership advisory, business process development, and systems enhancement tailored for Supply Chain and Asset Management needs.

    Doug’s extensive career highlights his outstanding leadership and strategic capabilities. As the Director of Supply Chain Management at Keyera, he navigated and successfully led all facets of Supply Chain Management. His strategic acumen played a pivotal role in shaping Keyera’s future SCM strategy, overseeing procurement, contracts, inventory, warehousing, and logistics. Noteworthy achievements include spearheading transformative initiatives that restructured organizations, improved governance, streamlined processes, and introduced cutting-edge systems, significantly elevating Keyera’s Supply Chain Management landscape.

    Prior to his tenure at Keyera, Doug held influential roles at distinguished companies such as MEG Energy Corp., Tervita Corporation, Suncor Energy Inc., IBM, and Shell Canada, where his contributions were characterized by excellence and innovation.

    Beyond his corporate endeavors, Doug actively engages in community service, demonstrating his commitment through extensive involvement with the Canadian Diabetes Association. Serving as a volunteer and former Chairman of the National Board of Directors, he exemplifies leadership not only in business but also in supporting important societal causes.

    Doug boasts a diverse skill set encompassing Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Change Management, Contract Negotiation, Team and People Management, coupled with proficiency in various tools and technologies. His educational background from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Engineering Technology complements his practical industry knowledge.

    Acknowledged by industry experts for his exceptional skills, Doug Philp remains a paragon of leadership, innovation, and expertise in Supply Chain and Asset Management. His visionary approach, backed by extensive experience, continues to create a significant impact on businesses and communities alike.

    Character: Doug Philp epitomizes integrity, unwavering dedication, and a resolute work ethic, evidenced by his three-decade career underscored by exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to community service.

    Knowledge: Backed by a robust educational foundation in Engineering Technology and extensive hands-on experience spanning diverse industries, Doug boasts an extensive grasp of Supply Chain Management and Asset Management.

    Strategic: Doug’s career journey showcases his strategic prowess, evident in his transformative leadership roles. He masterminded and executed forward-looking strategies, fundamentally reshaping organizations’ Supply Chain Management practices.

    Communication: Doug Philp’s adeptness in effective communication shines through his ability to collaborate seamlessly with diverse stakeholders. His knack for fostering alignment and driving successful outcomes is evident in his impactful contributions to Supply Chain operations and organizational transformations.


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