Denny Clifford: Accomplished Executive and Strategic Leader in Board Directorship, Finance, and Entrepreneurship

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    Denny Clifford, a seasoned executive with a dynamic blend of leadership in board directorship, entrepreneurial ventures, and corporate roles, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Serving as the Board Director of a $1 billion travel agency operating globally, he demonstrated expertise as the Chair of the Executive Compensation Committee and the Audit Committee. Leading a team in the reorganization paved the way for a successful acquisition.

    As the founder of the largest private boat tour company in Washington, DC, with a decade of operation and stellar ratings, Denny showcases his entrepreneurial prowess. His financial acumen, backed by a CPA designation, extends to sales, where he had worldwide responsibilities for a $1 billion division at Delta Air Lines, negotiating contracts with U.S. Government, Department of Defense, and sports organizations.

    In the realm of operations, Denny served as the Director of a commuter airline division overseeing eight airlines, 100 aircraft, and 1,000 employees, acting as a feeder to legacy Northwest Airlines. His financial leadership as CFO at Skylink, managing finance, accounting, legal, HR, and IT, included successful mergers and acquisitions.

    A U.S. Navy veteran with a top 1% performance record, Denny’s bottom-line-focused management style shines through. His professional journey includes roles at Embark DC, Skylink Aviation, Delta Air Lines, and USAir Express, along with significant positions in Colorado-based companies. As a CPA in Colorado (#7700), he actively contributed to organizations like the National Defense Transportation Association and the Society of Government Travel Professionals.

    Beyond his professional life, Denny’s interests span running, public speaking, boating, and philanthropy. Having completed over 20 marathons, including 7 Boston Marathons, he reflects a commitment to both personal and societal well-being, creating a non-profit charity organization in the Philippines and supporting a Navy friend with another non-profit in Vietnam. ”With a track record of success and a diverse skill set, Denny Clifford is poised to bring strategic vision and operational excellence to any board director position.

    Character: Denny Clifford embodies a strong work ethic, integrity, and a bottom-line focus, evident in his top 1% performance as a U.S. Navy veteran and successful leadership roles in diverse industries.

    Knowledge: With a CPA designation, extensive financial expertise, and a track record in sales, operations, and entrepreneurship, Denny Clifford brings a comprehensive and well-rounded knowledge base to any board director position.

    Strategic: Denny’s strategic acumen shines through his role as Board Director overseeing a $1 billion travel agency and his entrepreneurial success in founding and growing the largest private boat tour company in Washington, DC.

    Communication: Denny Clifford’s effective communication skills are evident in his roles negotiating contracts with government entities, leading teams through reorganizations, and serving as the Chair of key committees, showcasing his ability to convey complex ideas and drive successful outcomes.


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