David Kincheloe: A Visionary Leader in Restaurant Consulting and Business Development

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    David Kincheloe is a distinguished executive with a remarkable career spanning various facets of business, most notably in the realm of restaurant consulting and development. As of his current role, he stands as the President of National Restaurant Consultants, an internationally renowned consulting group specializing in restaurant start-ups and turnarounds. With over a decade and a half of tenure in this position, David has cultivated a reputation as a trusted expert in the field. At National Restaurant Consultants, his primary focus is on offering strategic guidance to restaurants, whether they are facing financial difficulties or aiming to optimize their operations and marketing strategies. His contributions extend to boosting profitability through insightful analyses and tailored solutions, reflecting his innate ability to view restaurant management through a unique lens.

    In tandem with his responsibilities at National Restaurant Consultants, David Kincheloe dons the hat of an owner at KBW Development, a role he has successfully fulfilled for over two decades. At KBW Development, his purview encompasses the comprehensive management of the company’s operations. This includes the oversight of multifaceted processes ranging from permitting and engineering to construction and project financing. Moreover, his adept negotiation skills have been instrumental in securing commercial leases for various projects, which includes the development of residential communities, commercial strip malls, and even a private school.

    One notable achievement in his role at KBW Development is the development of a residential community from the ground up. This endeavor involved not only creating the infrastructure but also constructing and selling multiple homes, all achieved during a challenging economic downturn, highlighting David’s knack for innovation and resilience in the face of adversity. Furthermore, he expertly managed the construction of a substantial 60,000 square foot private school project, ensuring it was completed on budget and on schedule, which speaks volumes about his project management acumen.

    David’s diverse career also saw him at the helm of AmeriFab, Inc, where he served as the President/Owner. During his tenure at AmeriFab, he presided over the design and manufacturing of electric arc furnace structures, off-gas systems, and power delivery systems. This role was marked by impressive financial success, with annual sales exceeding $15 million. Notably, David’s innovative thinking led to the award of three patents for products developed under his leadership. His exceptional cost control strategies and effective sales techniques paved the way for AmeriFab’s profitability in its very first year of operation. His invention of a groundbreaking product that addressed critical pollution control issues in steel mills marked a milestone for AmeriFab, ultimately contributing to a significant increase in company sales. In 2003, David orchestrated the sale of AmeriFab, an established company boasting 85 employees and an EBIDA of $2.2 million on $13 million in sales, showcasing his strategic prowess.

    Before his role at AmeriFab, David served as the Vice President of Fuchs Systems, where he managed a product line catering to the steel industry. His responsibilities spanned sales, engineering, contract management, and administration, including accounting, purchasing, and human resources. In a remarkable display of leadership, he steered the company back to profitability during his tenure as Vice President of Finance, achieving this feat by implementing stringent cost controls, refining project management processes, optimizing staffing levels, and fine-tuning pricing strategies to enhance the company’s competitiveness.

    David Kincheloe’s career trajectory also includes a role as the CFO of the North America Division at PPG/Honeywell Biomedical Systems. In this capacity, he undertook various roles within the company and contributed significantly to its success. His achievements included consolidating factory and accounting operations from three plants into one, resulting in substantial cost savings. He also managed to improve cash flow by 16% by enhancing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) metrics. Additionally, his leadership played a pivotal role in resolving profitability issues at Litton Medical, culminating in the acquisition, factory closure, and successful consolidation of its U.S. product line operations into PPG/Honeywell’s operations. This strategic maneuver led to a remarkable sales increase of $12 million and gross profit of nearly $3 million.

    David Kincheloe’s professional journey commenced at Honeywell, Inc, where he served as an Auditor for four years. During this period, he honed his financial acumen and gained valuable insights into auditing processes. His unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail became defining traits of his professional identity.

    Throughout his illustrious career, David has demonstrated a comprehensive skill set and a keen understanding of business dynamics. His endorsements in diverse areas such as start-ups, budgets, process improvement, purchasing, project management, leadership, and strategic planning bear testimony to his multifaceted expertise. Colleagues and industry peers alike have recognized his exceptional talents, further bolstering his reputation as a leader in his field.

    Underpinning his extensive professional journey is a solid academic foundation. David Kincheloe graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Marketing in 1980. During his time at the university, he actively participated in extracurricular activities, including the Accounting Club and Ski Club, demonstrating his commitment to both academic excellence and a well-rounded education.

    In summary, David Kincheloe is an accomplished executive with a track record of success in various business ventures, ranging from restaurant consulting and development to manufacturing and financial management. His exceptional skills, innovative thinking, and commitment to excellence have left an indelible mark on each endeavor he has undertaken. He is a seasoned professional with a proven ability to drive profitability and success across diverse industries, making him a true asset to any organization.

    Character: David Kincheloe embodies unwavering dedication and integrity, evident in his impressive track record of transforming struggling restaurants into thriving businesses and successfully overseeing diverse construction and development projects.

    Knowledge: With over four decades of experience spanning restaurant consulting, construction management, and corporate leadership, David possesses a wealth of expertise that has led to remarkable successes in various industries.

    Strategic: David’s strategic prowess shines through his adept ability to navigate complex business landscapes, implement cost-effective measures, consolidate operations, negotiate favorable deals, and drive substantial revenue growth.

    Communication: David is a skilled communicator, whether fostering strong internal teams, handling intricate negotiations, or sharing his wealth of knowledge with clients and colleagues, which has been instrumental in his extensive career achievements.


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