David Corbett: Visionary Business Leader Spearheading Global Growth and Strategic Success

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    David Corbett is an accomplished international business leader with a track record of driving rapid business growth in complex major capital and change project environments. With a skill set honed in corporate development strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and organic value creation, David brings a deep commercial focus coupled with advanced marketing and sales management expertise.

    Currently serving as the President – Americas at ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH for over 5 years, David spearheads business operations in the Americas, emphasizing his ability to deliver success in international portfolio businesses within contracting and consulting organizations.

    As the President of Corbett Performance Management, LLC for nearly 12 years, David offers critical consulting and advisory support for energy, marine, and industrial undertakings. His global experience in major capital expenditure projects and operational asset management enables him to define, shape, and execute success during critical transitions, turnarounds, and transformations.

    In previous roles, including Chief Executive Officer at G2 Integrated Solutions Inc. and Regional Director North America at Intertek, PLC, David showcased his prowess in managing multi-faceted business aspects. At G2 Integrated Solutions Inc, he led a team that provided specialized services to pipeline operators and energy stakeholders, ensuring risk management, compliance, and performance optimization.

    David’s career also encompasses significant positions at Seawell Inc, (now Archer), Lloyd’s Register North America, Inc, and Rosyth Royal Dockyard, reflecting his strategic vision in steering companies toward significant growth. His educational background includes an MBA from the University of Strathclyde and a BSc in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering from the University of Glasgow.

    Endorsed for a plethora of skills ranging from risk management, contract negotiation, and business strategy to leadership renewables, offshore drilling, and petroleum industries, David Corbett stands as an adept business leader equipped with an analytical orientation, a pragmatic management style, and a passion for enhancing team achievement and business performance. His ability to navigate complex business environments while focusing on the bigger picture and driving successful delivery and results makes him an invaluable asset in the global business arena.

    David Corbett embodies a seasoned, results-oriented international business leader, displaying resilience, adaptability, and a passion for achieving excellence in complex project environments.

    His extensive expertise in corporate development strategies, mergers & acquisitions execution and integration, coupled with a deep commercial focus, advanced marketing, and sales management skills, underpins his ability to drive rapid business growth across various sectors.

    David’s strategic prowess is evident in his adeptness at defining and executing success in international portfolio businesses, demonstrating a keen understanding of complex project dynamics and turnaround situations.

    Exhibiting strong communication skills, David Corbett excels in articulating complex ideas, fostering collaborative relationships, and driving successful outcomes, essential in navigating diverse international business landscapes.


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