David B. Katz: Driving Transformation & Growth in Multinational Organizations 

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    Based in New York, NY, and Miami, FL, David embodies a wealth of experience and expertise in orchestrating transformative initiatives that fuel growth and innovation within multinational organizations. His career, spanning over two decades, has navigated dynamic landscapes at the intersection of media, live entertainment, hospitality, corporate social responsibility, and global inclusion. As a leader rooted in innovation, David has championed the creation of operational engines, structures, and sustainable solutions that drive stakeholder engagement new revenue streams and organizational growth to unprecedented heights.

    In his current role as SVP, Head of Global Events, Travel, and Hospitality at TelevisaUnivision, David has been instrumental in shaping the event strategy for a robust slate of global offerings, aligning with organizational objectives to ensure consistent revenue growth and heightened engagement. Leading large teams, David has managed multinational and multi-million dollar budgets, optimizing spending strategies to achieve high returns. Notably, his strategic initiatives have generated operational savings of up to 47%, showcasing his ability to drive efficiency and maximize resources.

    David’s transformative impact extends beyond financial metrics; he has played a pivotal role in fostering cultural integrations and cohesive marketing strategies following the merger of two legacy organizations. His collaborative approach has led to the development of shared services capabilities and the introduction of signature events that resonate with diverse markets and cultural preferences. Through his leadership, David has elevated overall Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by an impressive 56%, underscoring his commitment to enhancing stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty.

    Prior to joining TelevisaUnivision, David broadened his experiential base by working at the intersection of hospitality and entertainment. As Head of Entertainment & Events at ONE – Oneida Nation Enterprises, he navigated the challenges of the pandemic by strategizing a return-to-live framework for a portfolio of businesses. His strategic restructuring of deals across multiple venues resulted in a remarkable 23% increase in incremental revenue and a 27% reduction in ancillary spending, demonstrating his resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. In a complementary role as Head of Entertainment Experience, Strategy & Development at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., David led worldwide entertainment strategy solutions, expanding the entertainment portfolio across more than 100 venues globally, driving revenue growth, and enhancing guest experiences.

    For the first 15+ years of his career, David held leadership roles at Paramount Global, formerly known as Viacom Inc. During his 16-year tenure at Paramount, he served as the SVP of Nickelodeon Studios Events & Content Relations and as VP of Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Board Communications & Brand Solutions. In these roles, he led philanthropic investments, cause marketing initiatives, and strategic content development efforts, positioning the company as a leader in CSR and inclusion. Additionally, he led the MTV On-Air Talent Group during the height of Live programming at MTV. He began his tenure at Viacom with Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.’s Blue’s Clues. His innovative approach to experiential marketing drove significant revenue growth and established numerous industry firsts.

    Prior to his work at Viacom, David worked with Barry Diller at IAC/InterActiveCorp, the Duchess of York, and held several Broadway management roles, including stints with RENT, Blue Man Group, and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express in Las Vegas.

    Beyond his executive responsibilities, David is actively engaged in board and committee leadership, serving as a founding board member of The Get Schooled Foundation and contributing his expertise to organizations such as Sustainability 50 (S50), Literacy Inc., LGBTQ+ Affinity Groups, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and the MLK Memorial Foundation. His commitment to social impact and community engagement underscores his dedication to driving positive change both within and beyond the corporate realm.

    David’s educational background includes a Business Strategy & Marketing Sprint Certification from Section School, an Executive Education Program in Corporate Responsibility & Global Inclusion from Harvard Business School, and a Bachelor of Arts in Media Management from New York University’s Gallatin School, as well as a two-year Communications Management program at Emerson College.

    David B. Katz’s career is defined by his unwavering commitment to driving transformation and growth in multinational organizations. His strategic vision, operational acumen, and passion for driving positive change make him a formidable leader poised to make lasting impacts in any role he undertakes.

    Character: David B. Katz embodies integrity, resilience, and a commitment to ethical leadership, driving transformation and growth through his unwavering dedication to organizational excellence.

    Knowledge: With over two decades of experience spanning diverse industries, David possesses a wealth of strategic insights and industry expertise, enabling him to navigate complex challenges and drive innovative solutions.

    Strategic: David’s visionary approach to leadership is characterized by his ability to architect industry-first initiatives, forge strategic partnerships, and implement transformative strategies that optimize resources and drive sustainable growth.

    Communication: A skilled communicator and influencer, David excels in articulating compelling narratives, fostering consensus across diverse stakeholders, and mobilizing teams towards shared objectives through clear, strategic communication strategies.


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