David Hoge Allen: Entrepreneur, Equestrian, and Mentor

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    David Hoge Allen is a multi-talented individual whose life is a harmonious blend of entrepreneurship, equestrian pursuits, and selfless mentorship. With a diverse array of experiences spanning over four decades, he has built a life enriched by family and community engagement.

    Early Years and Education –  David’s journey towards success began with his academic pursuits. He earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance from the University of Virginia in 1979, following his undergraduate studies in Business and Finance at the same institution. During his college years, David was an active member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma society.

    Zooms Inc – A Legacy of Excellence For almost three decades, from October 1981 to October 2009, David served as the President and Owner of Zooms Inc, a high-volume convenience store chain renowned for its extensive fast food offerings. Under his visionary leadership, Zooms became an industry leader in quality and service. The chain introduced oven-fresh subs and biscuits as early as 1981, setting a standard for others to follow. Furthermore, Zooms sold its own brand of fuel, ensuring the highest quality in all aspects of its operations.

    Entrepreneurship and Mentorship –  Since June 2015, David has dedicated his time and expertise as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur and Coach. He works pro bono with fellow entrepreneurs, helping them generate ideas to enhance their lives and businesses. Having navigated the challenges of running a business for over 30 years, he understands the complexities of entrepreneurship and the importance of enjoying the journey. David offers invaluable insights, having successfully built and sold his own company from the ground up. He prefers to work with entrepreneurs who excel in their fields but need assistance in finding the time to appreciate life beyond work.

    David’s commitment to mentorship stems from a profound sense of gratitude. He acknowledges the support and guidance he received from numerous individuals on his path to success, prompting him to give back and assist others in their journey. This work is not only gratifying but also emblematic of his character and generosity.

    Equestrian Passion –  Away from the business world, David’s life takes a charming rural twist. Since September 2009, he has been a part-time equestrian at his family horse farm in Virginia. Here, he enjoys the company of six horses and three ponies, finding pleasure in both riding and training these magnificent animals. His passion for horses and ponies aligns with his profound love for farm life, where he can savor moments of serenity and connection with nature.

    Family and Community –  David’s life is profoundly enriched by his family, with two children who have ventured into their own endeavors, including entrepreneurship and international corporate roles. He cherishes the presence of his grandson, who eagerly embraces the farm lifestyle and his granddaughter, who promises to bring more joy to the family farm. These family connections have given David a sense of fulfillment and purpose beyond his professional life.

    Community Engagement –  David remains an active member of his community, holding positions on regional advisory boards and continuing to work with the bank. He brings his extensive experience to the table, collaborating with officers to promote the bank’s offerings and positively impact the community. Additionally, he is part of a sauna club where he gathers with friends to relax and catch up after a strenuous workout.

    In summary, David Allen is a multifaceted individual who has seamlessly integrated entrepreneurship, equestrian passion, family values, and community involvement into his rich and fulfilling life. His commitment to mentorship underscores his dedication to helping others experience the same success and satisfaction he has found throughout his journey.

    Character: David Hoge Allen demonstrates exceptional character through his generosity, gratitude, and commitment to mentoring fellow entrepreneurs, showcasing his values of giving back and helping others.

    Knowledge: With a strong educational background and over 40 years of practical experience in business, David possesses a wealth of knowledge that he shares freely to help others succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

    Strategic: David’s strategic acumen is evident in his successful leadership of Zooms Inc, where he built a high-volume convenience store chain with a focus on quality and innovation, setting industry standards early on.

    Communication: David’s ability to effectively communicate and share his experiences, both the successes and challenges of his 30-year CEO journey, makes him a valuable mentor for entrepreneurs seeking guidance and insight.


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