Curtis Crays: A Trailblazer in Operational Excellence and Strategic Leadership

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    Curtis Crays, a Denver-based professional, is an accomplished leader in operational excellence, strategic process improvement, and organizational management. With a career spanning diverse industries and roles, he has consistently driven impactful transformations, optimizing processes, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

    As an Anticipatory Leader and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Curtis possesses a remarkable track record in spearheading initiatives at the intersection of culture and strategy. His expertise lies in convening diverse teams, diagnosing inefficiencies, and streamlining operations to drive superior organizational outcomes.

    Throughout his career, Curtis has excelled in various domains, showcasing expertise in Operational Excellence, Design for Excellence (DfX), Lean Six Sigma, and Total Cost of Ownership. His career highlights include:

    • Improving supply chain management for a CPG manufacturer, resulting in standardized components and an 85% reduction in product loss.
    • Leading DfX initiatives for a DoD & Transportation client, achieving 30% cost reduction across multiple product lines through standardization.
    • Analyzing and optimizing manufacturing processes, reducing manufacturing time by 40% and increasing equipment availability by 35% using Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

    In his most recent role as a Continuous & Process Improvement Consultant at Propel Consulting Services, Curtis has been instrumental in driving process improvement initiatives for clients, achieving significant cost savings, refining product offerings, and reducing cycle times.

    His tenure at Charlotte’s Web as a Continuous Improvement Manager saw him establish a culture of improvement across the organization, managing projects for order fulfillment, manufacturing, R&D, and quality control.

    Notably, as the Chief Operating Officer at Front Ranger Ventures, Curtis successfully launched and managed a residential and commercial design operation, achieving substantial financial growth while ensuring operational efficiency.

    His tenure at GE Transportation saw him excel as a Team Leader and Program Leader, managing multimillion-dollar budgets and spearheading enterprise-wide asset maintenance programs.

    Curtis holds a BS in Organizational Management from John Brown University, an AS in Engineering from the University of Arkansas, and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

    With a proven history of leveraging his expertise in process optimization, strategic planning, and team leadership, Curtis Crays continues to be a driving force in enabling organizations to achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth. Connect with Curtis via email at [email protected] or visit his LinkedIn profile: for more information.


    • Curtis embodies integrity, resilience, and a relentless drive for excellence, evident in his consistent dedication to achieving organizational improvements.


    • His profound expertise in Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, and Design for Excellence empowers him to navigate complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions for process optimization.


    • Curtis strategically aligns culture with strategy, leveraging his anticipatory leadership style to bring diverse teams together, diagnose inefficiencies, and steer organizations toward operational success.


    • He excels in fostering collaborative environments, adeptly communicating visions, goals, and methodologies, enabling seamless coordination among cross-functional teams to achieve targeted outcomes.


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