Conrad L. (Gus) Gustafson, CPCU: Insurance Program Development Expert

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    Conrad L. (Gus) Gustafson brings over three decades of expertise in insurance company operations, distribution, management, and program development. As President and owner of Northup Insurance Group, Inc., and its subsidiary, Multiplex Insurance Services, LLC, Gus provided specialized insurance program management and agent/broker services, contributing significantly to the development and marketing of insurance products in both admitted and non-admitted markets. With a rich background in diverse insurance products including workers’ compensation, general liability, commercial property, surety, directors & officers’ liability, hospital and physician’s professional liability, Gus has garnered extensive technical knowledge and market insight, facilitating the successful growth and management of various insurance programs throughout his career.

    Gus’s professional journey includes pivotal roles at prominent companies such as Argonaut Insurance Company, Inc (ARGO Group International Holding, Ltd). At Argonaut he demonstrated exemplary leadership progressing from premium auditor in its Portland Division to Division Manager in its San Jose, CA Silicon Valley Division profit center (which he opened) responsible for program development, marketing, underwriting, claims, loss control,  premium audit and accounts receivable functions.  As Vice President, Insurance Equities Corporation, Inc., Gus helped spearhead the formation and operation of Osteopathic Medical Protective Insurance Company, a fronted offshore captive insurance company created in a crisis marketing environment for the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association and Texas osteopathic physicians and surgeons, serving as its first President and Chief Operating Officer. 

    Since the formation of Gustafson & Associates in 1993 (reorganized as Northup Insurance Group, Inc. in 2005), Gus has served as the principal consultant on various insurance programs, specializing in niche-oriented group insurance programs, alternative risk financing and regulatory solutions. His comprehensive services encompass program research, business planning, insurance company selection, regulatory filings, and program oversight and management.

    Throughout his career, Gus has established strong relationships within the insurance industry, collaborating with insurers, reinsurers, insurance agents, brokers and regulators in both admitted and surplus lines markets. His dedication to excellence and breadth of experience have earned him a distinguished reputation in the field, reflected in his successful partnerships with major clients such as Seabury & Smith, Inc, Marsh & McLennan, Inc., SeaBright Holdings, Inc., The Frank Russell Company, The Port of Tacoma, Columbia Bank, Tacoma Public Utilities, Puyallup International, Inc., Kenneth I Tobey, Inc., and Cascade National Insurance Company among others.

    Northup Insurance Group acquired Multiplex Insurance Services, LLC, a Washington State a licensed retail insurance agency specializing in real estate and habitational risk.  Gus had formed Multiplex Insurance Services in partnership with Multiplex Solutions, Inc., an internet real estate marketing start-up in 2005.  When Multiplex Solutions failed, Gus continued with Multiplex Insurance Services addressing urgent insurance needs of real estate investors, developers and members of the Real Estate Association of Puget Sound.  Gus designed and/or found coverage where there were no reasonable admitted insurance companies available with insurance products for investors, property developers and owners of single and multi-family properties.  Multi-family properties in this mix included single and multi-family rentals, apartments, condominiums, condominium conversions and the contractors doing new multifamily construction, condominium conversion and lodging (hotels & motels).  Insurance products in this difficult environment included monoline commercial property, general liability (including contractor completed operations), business owner policies, business package (including religious institutions), commercial auto, builders’ risk, and contractor and real estate development bonds.  Multiplex voluntarily ceased operations in 2019.

    Conrad Gustafson exemplifies dedication and expertise with his remarkable final 10-year tenure as a U.S Army reserve engineer officer assigned to the Readiness Branch of the South Pacific Division, US Army Corps of Engineers (CESPD), stationed in San Francisco. Serving as the military liaison officer to HQ, 6th US Army, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations, Regional Emergency Management Coordinator (REMC), and to FEMA Region 9, Gus played a pivotal role in disaster response and recovery efforts. His invaluable contributions were highlighted during California’s federally declared national disasters, including the Loma Prieta earthquake in Northern California, the Northridge Earthquake in Southern California, and three California floods. As the CESPD representative (ESF 3) in FEMA disaster field offices, Gus often coordinated directly with to the Federal Coordinating Officer, orchestrating Corps of Engineers mission assignments to support to FEMA response and recovery operations. Upon retirement, Gus was awarded “The Meritorious Service Medal” and “The Humanitarian Service Medal” underscoring his exceptional leadership and profound impact assuring the effective accomplishment of the CESPD disaster response and recovery mission. Gus’s extensive knowledge of the Federal Response Plan, FEMA Disaster Field Office Operations, and collaboration with various State and local emergency management agencies underscores his unparalleled expertise in navigating complex national disaster scenarios, particularly earthquakes and floods.

    In his retirement, Gus desires to provide consulting services, leveraging his vast expertise to support clients in navigating complex insurance challenges and achieving their strategic objectives. His commitment to professionalism, coupled with his unparalleled industry knowledge, positions him as a trusted advisor and invaluable asset to organizations seeking to optimize their insurance programs and mitigate risk effectively.

    Character: Gus demonstrates a distinguished commitment to professionalism and excellence throughout his three-decade plus career in insurance program development, marked by exemplary leadership, expertise, and strong industry relationships.

    Knowledge: As a Chartered, Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), insurance company profit center operations manager, and Surplus Lines Broker (Washington State) with over three decades of experience, Gus Gustafson possesses demonstrated extensive technical knowledge and market insight in insurance operations, management, and program development, particularly specializing in  property/casualty risk operations for large corporations, 501c3 non-profits, real estate investors, condominium homeowner associations, small business owners, and contractors.

    Strategic:  Most industries today are facing a new and unknown business environment, challenges framed by the prospect of advantages created by the advent of artificial intelligence.  As AI advantages begin to manifest and take effect, the basics in research, product development, manufacturing, marketing, financial strategies and business operations may, or at least appear to, change.  Therefore, to create and/or maintain market share, it may be necessary to rationalize realities and/or take shortcuts to be the first to market. Here, it will be of critical importance that industries, financial service organizations and NGO’s maintain a clear headed solid footing in the fundamentals and principles of their business.  Looking back over the past 100 years, the trail is littered by the debris of companies failing to be mindful of those basics principles.  Conrad Gustafson’s value will come in his ability to offer and strategically leverage his knowledge and long career experience grounded in the principles of his business; to provide focus and assistance toward success in the new world of 21st century innovation impacted further by changing financial, political and regulatory risk.

    Communication: Throughout his professional journey, Gus Gustafson has fostered strong relationships within the insurance industry, collaborating effectively with insurers, reinsurers, insurance agents, and brokers, reflecting his dedication to excellence and his ability to communicate and engage with various stakeholders to achieve strategic objectives.


                            Oregon State University

    BS Political Science, Public Administration

    The American Institute for Property and Liability Underwriters, Inc.

    Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)

    Professional Licenses:

    Washington:     Resident Insurance Producer: Property, Casualty, Disability, Life                                  

                             Surplus Lines Broker.

    Oregon:            Non-Resident Producer:  Property, Casualty

    California:        Non-Resident Insurance Producer,  Fire and Casualty/Broker-Agent

    Military Service:

      3 Years      Active Duty:  United States Army, Corps of Engineers. Overseas service in Europe, Vietnam

    28 Years      U.S. Army Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel, Corps of Engineers, Retired


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