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    Christopher Weil is a dynamic product owner and innovator with a proven track record of driving behavior change online through the creation of engaging and educational content, by employing AI-based experiences and other interactive and static content. With expertise in architecting results-driven, multimedia digital product lines and campaigns, Christopher has a passion for empowering users who are overwhelmed by complex systems. His startup experience has honed his ability to lead both creative and tech roles, thriving on feedback and consensus-building. As a morale-raising supervisor committed to diversity, he excels in building and rebuilding teams, advancing their skill sets and careers.

    In his role as Vice President of Product at mezo, Christopher spearheaded the launch and implementation of an AI-Powered platform that educated renters and optimized maintenance data for property managers and technicians. He collaborated with the C-suite team to convert the company to an outcome-based roadmap, improved the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) implementation, and externalized IVA content to a CMS, significantly enhancing user guidance and scalability. Christopher’s leadership extended to supervising cross-functional teams and refining processes to ensure consistent bi-weekly releases. He also played a crucial role in customer engagement, from revising sales documentation to making field visits and pitching platform functionality during sales meetings.

    At bswift, Christopher served as Portfolio Vice President of Product, where he envisioned and architected the ruleset and experience for an AI-simulating, platform-wide Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) and centralized employee communication portal. His tenure as VP of Creative saw the re-envisioning and rebuilding of the Ask Emma Benefits Advisor product, incorporating new pedagogical approaches, conversational voice, animation, and humor. He grew the creative department and introduced Agile development to enhance product team effectiveness. Christopher’s contributions led to significant increases in Ask Emma sales, client and end-user cost benefits, and overall user experience.

    Christopher’s earlier career at Jellyvision as Director of Creative Development involved designing new AI-simulating products for the benefits education tool, ALEX™, and conceptualizing new forms of interactive communication. He also worked on a startup platform and gaming company, Omnivoyent Technologies, where he designed UI and initial apps for an augmented reality device. His diverse writing background includes screenplays, teleplays, novels, and technical writing, showcasing his versatility and creative talent.

    Christopher Weil studied Philosophy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and continues to leverage his extensive experience in product design, education, content creation, and team building to drive innovation and empower users in complex digital landscapes.

    Character: Christopher is a dynamic product owner and innovator, skilled at driving behavior change online through engaging and educational content.

    Knowledge: He specializes in architecting results-driven, multimedia digital product lines and campaigns, particularly aimed at empowering users facing complex systems through the use of AI, interactive experiences, and static content.

    Strategic: Christopher excels in leading both creative and tech roles, fostering feedback and consensus-building to achieve outcome-based roadmaps and significant improvements in user guidance and scalability.

    Communication: As a supervisor committed to diversity, he builds and rebuilds teams effectively, advancing their skill sets and careers while engaging customers through refined sales strategies and effective platform pitching.


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