Christopher Rice: Dynamic Financial Leader and Strategic Collaborator Driving Organizational Success

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    Christopher Rice is a dynamic and driven professional who thrives on tackling new challenges and contributing to the achievement of organizational objectives. With a collaborative approach, he excels in cross-organizational and global team environments, leveraging his skills to accomplish collective goals.

    Presently serving as a Senior Lead CBG Relationship Manager, Vice President at BMO in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christopher demonstrates his expertise in financial management and relationship building. His role includes leading relationships, fostering growth, and driving strategic initiatives within the bank.

    Simultaneously, Christopher holds the prestigious position of President on the Board of Directors at the Silicon Valley Association for Finance Professionals (SVAFP). Here, he spearheads a non-profit organization dedicated to the career development and networking needs of treasury and finance professionals, showcasing his commitment to nurturing talent and fostering educational opportunities within the industry.

    Adding to his vast repertoire, Christopher serves as an Advisory Board Member for the USO, further highlighting his dedication to supporting non-profit organizations and their missions.

    Christopher’s career trajectory includes pivotal roles at BMO as a Senior Lead, CGB Relationship Manager, where he exhibits proficiency in managing commercial banking relationships and strategic partnerships.

    His active involvement in prestigious organizations such as the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and SPUR showcases his commitment to community engagement and collaboration towards regional development initiatives.

    Before his current roles, Christopher contributed significantly to The Liquidity Marketplace (LMX) as the Senior Vice President of Business Development, facilitating the creation and operation of electronic marketplaces catering to wholesale constituents.

    Christopher’s entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly through his ownership of Plan V LLC, where he was committed to fostering healthier dietary options for the community. His responsibilities ranged from overseeing business operations to negotiating with suppliers, emphasizing his adeptness in business management.

    Prior to his ventures, Christopher had a distinguished career at JPMorgan Chase & Co., where he excelled in Futures & Options Derivative Sales and Trading. His achievements include generating substantial yearly net incomes, managing global order books, and implementing innovative trading systems.

    Educationally, Christopher holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Finance and Japanese from the University of Puget Sound, complemented by his participation in programs at Waseda University in Japan.

    His diverse skill set encompasses proficiency in sales, business development, relationship management, futures trading, and technology utilization in financial markets. Christopher’s accomplishments and extensive experience illustrate his commitment to excellence, strategic foresight, and adeptness in navigating complex financial landscapes.

    • Character: Christopher Rice embodies a proactive and driven character, demonstrating enthusiasm, adaptability, and a collaborative spirit in his professional endeavors.
    • Knowledge: With a diverse and extensive background in finance, Christopher showcases comprehensive expertise in financial management, strategic partnerships, and business development.
    • Strategic: Christopher displays strategic acumen, evident through his roles in leadership, board memberships, and fostering growth within financial organizations and non-profit associations.
    • Communication: His professional journey highlights effective communication skills demonstrated through leadership roles, client relationships, and engagement with diverse stakeholders across various industries.


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